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BARASONA Diseño y Comunicacion Dormitorios
BARASONA Diseño y Comunicacion Dormitorios
BARASONA Diseño y Comunicacion Dormitorios

Colors that suggest the peace and the calmness of a place with charm. It
is the natural colors, stones, ivory and scaled wood with the aim to recreate a quite environment.

A natural and timeless environment in which all the built-in elements have been studied to the detail.

Of the signature Ramon Soler, we have chosen his new collection Gaudí CJ because it adapts to our project, thanks to his concept of integral bath which it incorporates wash basins and all kinds of complements of decorated ceramics of the Carthusian of Seville.

We have wanted to emphasize the showers zone, because they invite to the pleasure, using great sprayers and thermostatic shower tap. The decoration can be rural but always we use the last technologies in water and energy saving in the Ramon Soler’s .

To respect a wall of brick, without having to do reforms, the wired up one appears for a few aged metal pipes that resemble the installations of the past. Fontini, specialist in electrical mechanisms, offers us this so practical alternative to realize an electrical installation.

The furniture is recycled, so we obtain a less formal and enclosed environment with a bohemian air, which us resembles a walk along the charming hotels of the French Provence.

The hanging bed is elaborated entirely with recycling pallets.


A sober lighting in which the practical solution of the installation excels in surface of aged metal pipes. The electrical mechanisms are of white porcelain with age wood pedestals of the collection Garby by Fontini. The metallic seen pipes remain integrated to the global environment of the decoration. The spotlights are orientated towards the concrete points of the space that wants to enhance.

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