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The rustic home of two halves

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Welcome to the quaint and picturesque city of Guarda in Portugal today. Old and traditional architectures dot the city’s landscape, and many modern buildings here exude a rustic charm too. One such abode that we are about to explore is Casa JA, designed by the talented architects at Filipe Pina + Maria Ines Costa. What you will first notice about this contemporary yet earthy residence is the lavish use of stone, wood and glass for a unique appeal. Rustic touches have been paired with avant-garde designs and practical elements which promise convenient urban living. Casa JA is spacious, expansive and reflects the owners' love for sunshine and fresh air. Now, let’s take a closer look…

Dual personality for the facade

The house comprises two wings rendered in concrete and stone respectively. The concrete wing is painted in pristine white, to offer contrasting visual interest against the rustic stone-laden wing. Neat glass windows punctuate the facade in a modish manner, while the balconies are essentially sleek projections which sport metal criss-cross balustrades for a quirky finish. The two halves of the abode are connected by glass and metal, which essentially houses the staircase which you can view from here.

A lively approach

The entrance to the home is guarded by a high black metal gate which flaunts the same criss-cross design we saw for the balcony balustrades. The path is lined with large stone slabs set atop lush green grass, while bright floor lamps provide soothing yet powerful lighting in the evening. The stone wall on the right houses a generous niche which holds gorgeous potted plants, while the use of ample glazing for the entrance leaves us asking for more.

Step up to a stunning design statement

The staircase with its super slim metal wires, black metal frame and sleek wooden steps is a joy to behold. Set against an impressive backdrop of stone and wood, the staircase takes you on a journey which is both pastoral and modern. The absence of traditional balustrades ensures that you get to admire the openness and lightweight nature of the residence’s decor. It also goes extremely well with the abundance of white on the ceiling and walls apart from the stone accent wall.

What lies on the other side?

The elegant and unique staircase enjoys the presence of huge glass sheets on the other side, which let you relish the sunny view of the courtyard. The compact but amply-ventilated courtyard opens up to the bright blue sky, and is surrounded by spotless white walls which reflect the incoming sunlight gloriously.

A subtle and elegant living room

The simple but modish living space of this house is a smart vision in pristine white and dark grey concrete for the floor. A subtle industrial chic vibe pervades the room, thanks to the black contemporary fireplace which ensures cosiness and warmth on cold days. Plush beige sofas offer laid-back seating here, while the slim white cabinets behind the television offer adequate room for storage.

Smart and gleaming kitchen

The dark grey concrete floor of the kitchen beautifully contrasts its flawless white walls and glossy cabinets. A mix of focused and recessed lighting livens up this space in the evening, while sunlight floods it during the day through the glass door and window. Sleek and modern touches like the chimney exist in harmony alongside rustic accents like stone and wood for the doorway.

It is simply stunning how both modern and pastoral elements have been blended artfully to create this stylish home. It takes care of all your urban needs, but doesn’t let you lose touch with the beauty of organic elements. Take another amazing home tour for more inspiration: A picture-perfect beach home with stunning views.

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