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The Perfectionist Bungalow

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x42 Architektur ZT GmbH Balcones y terrazas clásicos
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For those of you that are big fans of minimalism and all that it entails, look no further for inspiration than this spectacularly modern bungalow! 

We all know that architects and designers are adept at tapping into exactly what our preferences are and can translate these wants, needs and desires into beautiful properties that defy even our own expectations. This example is no different and with its bright white render, clean lines and phenomenal practicality, we are falling in love with bungalows all over again.

See for yourself how great this minimalist house is and perhaps use it as inspiration for your own dream house build!

Futuristic façade

Looking at this house from the outside, you can easily see that the experts at Arge X42 have completed a truly unique and breathtaking project. Its simple geometric design looks incredible and having adopted such and angular shape, the addition of bright white on the façade of the house has given it a minimalist aesthetic. A truly dazzling building, every bit of interior space has been carefully thought through to ensure maximum comfort for residents and what's more, the household can enjoy not only the beautifully designed building, but also a high end landscaped garden, complete with swimming pool!

Large and luxurious

This entire building is very spacious, thanks to the architects creating numerous rooms all on one level. By also opting to use a lot of glass, the modernity of the building is further exaggerated and amplified, while making sure that natural light floods the property. By choosing a simple design, more consideration could be given to finishing details, making this a real life dream home that catches the eye and the imagination all at once.

Come on in

Walking inside this extraordinary home is an experience like no other, thanks to the fact that it is so very light and airy. Far from being boring or too static, due only having one storey, the  minimalism at play helps to add dimension and depth to even the most practical of spaces. Bright white is used almost everywhere, with occasional slithers of black breaking up the vastness and we have to say that it works wonderfully well, creating a high end, chic and welcoming space.

Lounge in luxury

This house has been entirely designed with the comfort of the residents in mind and the furnishings have followed suit to support this. At the heart of this living room is a large, comfortable sofa that invites you to sit down and relax, while the bright white surroundings help you to unwind. Also helping to create a sense of calm are the sliding glass wall panels that open out into the garden. This is an undeniably practical solution that not only adds character but also wonderful practicality to a home, especially one that is so pared back and would benefit from a touch of nature.

Al fresco relaxation

The terrace is a place where relaxation reigns, day or night. You can relax while reading the morning newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee or entertain guests and enjoy a glass of wine on a warm evening and despite the social nature of this spot, the overarching theme of minimalism has prevailed. The al fresco dining table has been kept wonderfully simple and the only real extravagance is the swimming pool, which is just coming into view. Simple, perfunctory and stylish, this is one invitation we wouldn't turn down!

Hidden surprise

With rest and recuperation being a key theme for this house, it could be easy to think that the architects have covered all bases with the slouchy sofa and swimming pool, but then, to the rear of the property, a surprise lays in wait. A subtle hot tub has been tucked away in its own private corner, allowing for starlit submerging and restful relaxation. We bet you weren't expecting that from a minimalist house, but just look at how elegant the housing is and how modest the installation looks. Beautiful! 

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