Early guests? 8 tricks to speed-clean your home!

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Early guests? 8 tricks to speed-clean your home!

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One of the most frustrating, unnerving and difficult party-related issues almost always relates to the early arrival of a guest or guests. If you've organised your time correctly, you will probably find you have already completed most of your cleaning, and you are ready for your visitors to arrive. But if you happen to lead a busy, frenetic or hectic lifestyle (like most of us in Hong Kong) then you will no doubt start to stress!

Never fear, a quick speed-clean is all it takes to get your dwelling looking sanitary, stylish and soirée set. To get you stated we have gathered our top 9 tips to revamp your home from sloppy or shabby, to spotless and sparkling, in no time at all. Read on below to learn more, gather some helpful hints, and guarantee your abode is prepared and ready for a festive and fun function. 

1. Set a timer!

Once you know your guests are on their way, you will want to ensure you aren't cleaning when they arrive! Set yourself a timer for cleaning each room, or one for the entire period you have, and safeguard against any unfortunate tidying disasters.

2. Have your cleaning kit at the ready…

Cocina en PVC Gris Mare con combinación de Cristal Amarillo de Aura Cocinas Moderno
Aura Cocinas

Cocina en PVC Gris Mare con combinación de Cristal Amarillo

Aura Cocinas

This requires a little preparation, but it will pay off in the long run. Create a cleaning kit or station within your home, and have everything at the ready. 

Once you know you need to get scrubbing, polishing and dusting, you can grab your kit and get started immediately, without the hassle of trying to find the right solution for the specific task. 

3. Go room to room

Ground Floor Plan Livings de estilo moderno de Artform Architects Moderno
Artform Architects

Ground Floor Plan

Artform Architects

Get methodical with your cleaning and sanitise your dwelling like a professional, by using a logical process. Head room to room, starting with the most commonly used spaces (and the areas your guests will visit) such as the living and dining rooms, kitchen and of course, the bathroom. 

4. Polish surfaces and obvious glazed areas

In order for your home to look clean, tidy and well maintained, you are going to need to focus on areas that make the most impact. Glazing such as key windows, mirrors, and bathroom cabinets are especially important, while surfaces in the kitchen (worktops, cupboard doors, and the cooktop/oven) should not be neglected either. 

5. Toss all dirty laundry in the washer

Utility Room Cocinas de estilo moderno de Perfect Stays Moderno
Perfect Stays

Utility Room

Perfect Stays

As you head room to room, carry a laundry bag to pick up pieces of clothing or textiles that may require washing. When you reach the utility room, toss them all into the machine and start the cycle. 

Tip: If your washer and dryer are in a common area of your home, or are particularly noisy, leave the items inside, but don't start it until your guests leave.  

6. Give your bathroom a quick once over

The bathroom is a real 'make or break' destination in your home. If it smells, looks dirty or feels unwelcoming, your guests will assume the rest of your abode is rather unsanitary. 

Polish fittings, clear away clutter, and certainly don't forget to give your toilet a thorough scrub clean!

7. Put all dirty cups, plates and kitchenware into the dishwasher

DishDrawer(TM) Dishwasher de Fisher & Paykel Moderno
Fisher & Paykel

DishDrawer(TM) Dishwasher

Fisher & Paykel

As well as collecting pieces of laundry as you clean your apartment or house, you should also gather any stray crockery, glassware or general kitchen miscellany that may have accumulated. 

Head back to the kitchen and pop everything in the dishwasher, and start the cycle in case you need any of the pieces while entertaining your guests.

8. Vacuum the floor, the rugs and in between sofa cushions

Finally, it is time to vacuum. While most individuals might perform this task first, it is actually better to wait till last, as you will have likely repeatedly stomped through your dwelling removing rubbish and other mess. 

Once everything is in its right place, grab the vacuum and give all of your floors a quick once over. This will be the icing on the cake, and ensure your home feels welcoming, warm and most of all clean. 

We hope this helped your pre-party prep, and you are feeling more confident in cleaning your abode! If you would like some more domestic event tips and tricks, check out: 9 essential tips for an impressive dinner party

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