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A kitchen to match your star sign

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
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Match the features in your kitchen to your zodiac sign – from cabinetry to color scheme, from ceiling lights to sunlight, your kitchen has the potential to reflect the complexities of your star personality. This guide offers tips and pointers – whether you're renovating or simply rethinking your decor, you can use these zodiac-inspired kitchens as a reference for adding a very personal touch to your own kitchen.

Cancer: Familiar, yet Secretive

The Crab of the Zodiac places a high value on relationships with friends and family, and a layout with open space and a central station for food prep teamwork will encourage the friendly socializing that Cancer loves so much (you Cancers also tend to enjoy being around plants – a good Cancer kitchen will have several plants growing in pots, like this kitchen does). The central island in this layout is a good example of a friendly communal element, and the natural, rustic colours are familiar and low-key, perfect for a star sign that's known for their love of security. As a Cancer, you also like to keep people guessing, and being inconsistent is part of your nature. Therefore, a long, high shelf like the one in this kitchen will allow you to change your decor on a whim, appealing to your taste for inconsistency.

To keep things feeling natural in your kitchen, Cancer, you might benefit from the ideas in this ideabook, featuring a list of 10 beautiful plants for your home.

Aries: Functional and Crisp

Cocinas de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

The Ram of the zodiac is goal-oriented and organized. You're independent and courageous, and you love to provide excitement to the people in your life. Therefore, a kitchen that sets an well-ordered stage for showing your guests a new, exotic recipe will be a kitchen well-suited to your nature. The kitchen pictured here offers clearly separated spaces, an array of high-quality appliances for all of your well-planned culinary undertakings, and a clean, crisp environment with plenty of storage for staying organized amid kitchen chaos. The only thing that an Aries might add to this kitchen would be a few elements with raw textures – the brazen Aries can be edgy, and having unfinished wood or coarse textiles as decoration can reflect this part of your personality.

Gemini: Sociable and Expressive

When it comes to mixing styles, the Twins do it best. As a Gemini, you're known for being creative, prizing dynamic solutions in visually rich environments. You're also known for being very high-energy, so a kitchen that matches your expressive, energetic style is ideal. The kitchen pictured here displays a strong personality with bold tiles, rich tones, and an eclectic mix of coloured lights hanging above the dining room table. As a Gemini, you are talkative and sociable nature will benefit from a space that offers a good ambiance for sitting and chatting the whole night through – a sturdy wooden kitchen table like this one offers a warm space for guests, as well as a large space for the board games and crafting projects you're sure to enjoy. 

Taurus: Sturdy and Sensual

The Bull is known for being both strong-willed and sensitive; you are willing to fight for what you want, but as an Earth element, you also enjoy reveling in the humble, natural luxuries of the Earth. Incorporating cozy vintage elements and earthy tones can provide a sturdy kitchen that suits this down-to-Earth personality.

This kitchen offers sturdy furniture in a bronze-hued wood, speaking to Taurus' appreciation of strength and natural beauty, while more ornate elements like a blue tiled floor and white brick wall speak to your love of sensory textures. With a well-equipped spice cabinet and favorite collection of antique recipe books (a Taurus often opts for the time-tested old-school ways over the new) will make any Taurus feel at home in this earthy kitchen.

Libra: Balanced and Elegant

Modern meets Edwardian. Cocinas de estilo clásico de Rencraft Clásico

Modern meets Edwardian.


Libras love balance – you are said to be diplomatic in nature, with a personality that balances a love of elegant , refined detail with a love of hard, dedicated work. That said, a kitchen for a Libra should provide a strong sense of symmetry and balance, with elegant furnishings and a convenient space to work. The kitchen pictured here stands out as a very well-balanced kitchen, as its colour scheme offers both warm and cool tones, as well as dark and light hues. The airy blue tone is light and refined, while the island provides a practical, well-lit space for getting down to work. A central skylight provides a focal point for the central island, allowing your eyes to focus effortlessly on the center of the room. Three delicate glass globes hang, evenly spaced, enhancing centric design – a balanced and elegant space that you Libras are sure to enjoy.

Leo: Regal, yet Generous

The king of the zodiac, the Lion is known for being kind and generous, with high self-esteem. Lions are loved by many because of their sociable and forgiving nature. A kitchen for Leo will reflect your generous and magnanimous nature, while giving you a place to take center stage (where you often love to be). A Leo would enjoy the rich tones and luxurious materials used in this kitchen, from the mahogany ceiling to the white marble floor. The layout also presents an atmosphere well-designed for entertaining – as a generous host, you're sure to enjoy standing in the kitchen as you engage your seated guests with one of your many humorous stories.

Capricorn: Room for the Outdoors

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two Cocinas de estilo moderno de DUA Architecture LLP Moderno
DUA Architecture LLP

Hillside Farm Kitchen Two

DUA Architecture LLP

Like its symbol, people born under the sign of the Goat prefer spaciousness. Capricorns tend to be intelligent and purposeful, with a focus on maintaining stability, sense, and order. A space that offers plenty of thinking room, as well as a sound structural sense, with benefit a Capricorn. For this reason, a kitchen with high ceilings and strong structural lines like the example here is a perfect space for Capricorn (and windows that let plenty of the outdoors in is a good feature for this nature-loving sign as well!). Featuring mostly simple colours in neutral shades, this kitchen lets the Goat focus on what really matters: applying their knowledge to the task at hand. 

Sagittarius: Adventurous

The Archer is known for having a fun disposition, with a sense of adventure and spontaneity, too! Your friendly, optimistic, and low-key nature places a lot of emphasis on the kitchen, as you enjoy being in friendly spaces where the most action is happening! For this reason, a lighthearted and sociable kitchen like the one pictured here is a good choice for a Sagittarius. Tiled floor, a dramatic chandelier, an assortment of plants, and a brightly coloured fridge provide plenty of visual stimulation for this adventurous sign, who appreciates a mismatched-on-purpose look. The most important thing to remember, Sagittarius, is that you're spend more time focusing on packing a picnic for the beach or telling a late-night travel tale to your friends – keep your space friendly and convenient, and your on-the-go nature will benefit greatly from it!

Scorpio: Intense Drama

Scorpios are known for their sense of mystery and drama. Scorpios tend to alternate between extremes: you're confident and bold, but you're also mysterious and withdrawn. Most of all, you love to question everything – including the status quo. This avant-garde kitchen design is well-suited to the sense of drama that often accompanies a Scorpio, with highly contrastive black and white and energetic, angled lines.  With a clash of thick and thin lines, and square, circle, and triangular shapes, this is an energetic space that matches the intensity of the Scorpion.

Pisces: Creative Space

Honest, unselfish, and trustworthy, a Pisces will appreciate a space that is unassuming and comfortable for their many guests. The Fish of the zodiac known to exercise their creativity in the arts, becoming known by your friends as a talented artist and a dreamer benefitting from a highly colourful and imaginative inner world.  Far from high-maintenance, you Pisces tend to enjoy functional spaces that give you room to learn, experiment, and create.

This kitchen offers colorful touches that display the creativity and colorful personality of a the Fish, while a long, sturdy table provides a functional surface for large gatherings with friends, as well as large art projects. A blend of materials – from copper lights to colored plastic to a rough wooden table – allows a Pisces to display their sense of artistry, and a backdrop of white on the walls creates space for hanging the many works of art that Pisces is sure to create.

Virgo: Cleanliness and Simplicity

As a Virgo, you are said to value purity. You seek perfection and spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing. A good kitchen for a Virgo will have plenty of space for quiet thought and will offer a refreshing absence of clutter and decor. This minimalist kitchen would do well for a Virgo, with solid white on all surfaces, and a light-hued floor that creates a very consistent tone throughout the space. As a mind-oriented star sign, you don't require many frills in your kitchen – photos, ornaments, rugs, and other decorations are best kept to a minimum. 

As a lover of the purity of white,  you Virgos might appreciate this ideabook, a collection of stunning all-white home decor!

Aquarius: An Unorthodox Statement

East London Apartment Cocinas de estilo moderno de Draisci Studio Moderno
Draisci Studio

East London Apartment

Draisci Studio

As the Water Bearer of the Zodiac, Aquarius loves to bring forth new, unorthodox ways for doing things. Often said to posses a strong artistic and poetic streak, Aquarius often prefers to keep things simple and effective, but in a highly original and innovative way!).  That said, a good kitchen for the independent-minded Aquarius will be a display of your creativity and ingenuity. 

This modern kitchen keeps things simple (an aspect that an Aquarius will appreciate), but highly unconventional at the same time. The wacky array of multi-coloured cabinets is an unexpected kitchen surprise, – Aquarius loves to make an impression with creative, artistic surprises like these. However, the best design for an Aquarius kitchen won't be found on any sort of guide – you independent Water Bearers like to come up with your own ideas, so listen to your instincts and go wild!

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