A white and wooden home

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A white and wooden home

Megan Harris Megan Harris
Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo ecléctico de ALTS DESIGN OFFICE Ecléctico
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Today our screens are graced by another beautiful home from the interior architects at Alts Design Office. Like each and every one of their beautifully crafted spaces, this one is sure to WOW. 

Harnessing the design finesse of Japan's Minimalist masters, they have created a space that nurtures authenticity and imperfection. Eschewing ornamentation in favour of raw materials, the finishes are honest and give rise to unexpected nuances. Now, let's step inside and take a closer look at the beautiful spaces of the wooden home

Inside or out?

The lower level volume of the home plays with the disparate qualities of interior and exterior. It is completely enclosed and holds all of the typical qualities of an interior space, such as four walls with windows, doors, and a roof. But, it also achieves an exterior quality in the floor treatment. The raw concrete floor features cutouts with pebbled gardens and timber walkways. It is irregular and garden-like: an interior garden oasis. 

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Birds eye view

Looking down below from the mezzanine, we get a fantastic bird's eye view of the pebbled garden and timber stepping 'stones'. The planted trees infuse the space with life and colour. 

The combination of materials is sophisticated and the way in which they are carefully composed is absolutely beautiful. There is an incredible finesse demonstrated in the attention to detail; every junction, every edge, every moment is perfectly resolved.

Soft and whimsical

There is an unmistakable ethereal quality to the space. The light filters down in soft and subtle patterns, while the sheer drapes can create separation by distorting visibility. The result is elegant and a touch whimsical. 

Large voids in the floor connect the upper level to the lower level. The underside of the floor is rendered in timber, mirroring the timber elements of the ground level. 

The greenery wafts down from this upper level too – what a magical space! 

The stair

The journey to the upper level is emphasised through a series of moments. First, the timber planks cut through the pebbled garden, then a single step is required onto the timber platform before the flight of stair ascends. It is compositionally perfect and poetically choreographed; the series of thresholds create a subtle transition between the two levels. 

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A last look…

Beautiful by day, beautiful by night. There's very little one could find fault with  in this incredible interior. The simplicity lends a tranquility to the space, but it's not the sort of simplicity that renders something boring – the complete opposite in fact! In all it's paired back restraint, the interior is rife with unexpected details and moments. 

We could keep going all day, but it's time to close the book on this incredible design for now! When can we move in?!

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