8 small family homes you'll love

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8 small family homes you'll love

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Family homes can often feel a little cramped, regardless of how much space you have, but if your house is genuinely on the modest side, you might feel as though you can't do anything special with it. Get that thought out of your head right now, as thanks to amazing architects and interior designers, the sky's the limit, even for a tiny family home! You don't need a gargantuan property to make a design splash and just to prove that point, we're going to show you 8 beautiful family homes that have made the most of every available inch. We hope you're in the mood to be inspired today, because you're about to be!

1. The small eco home

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de Nash Baker Architects Ltd Moderno Vidrio
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Building your own home really lets you go wild, creativity-wise and you can tailor what you make to perfectly suit your budget! This small but impactful family home is a state-of-the-art eco home, found in the UK and enjoys open-plan living, unusual design and eye-catching details. It might not look like it, but there are two bedrooms here, making it perfect for a small family!

2. Japanese minimalism

There is a myth that a family home has to be a chaotic one, but this wonderfully minimalist and calm space, though small, shows that there is another way to go. Keeping the furniture sparse has allowed this main living space to remain uncluttered and relaxing and we don't think the kids mind such a grown up design scheme!

3. Sociable spaces

Espacios de homify

In a small family home, every bit of space counts, so this kitchen/dining room is a great way to not only combine some functionality, but also make sure that everyone can enjoy some quality time together. The layout is perfect for a sociable gathering zone and though there isn't a huge amount of worktop area, the amount of clever storage really makes up for that. After all, you need somewhere to store all the packed lunch goodies!

4. Accounting for everyone

de homify Moderno

We get the impression that though this isn't a huge family home, it does house a sizeable family. Why else would there be a dining table and a breakfast bar in such close proximity? Designing the kitchen solely around the number of people that need to use it is a genius move and we get the feeling that this is the main hub of the home, with other communal spaces being a little smaller. Beautiful!

5. Hong Kong Luxury

We don't recall anyone ever saying that a small family home means that you have to scrimp on the detailing. It looks as though the owners of this gorgeous apartment never got that memo either, as the space has been filled and finished with stunning, luxury furniture additions. It can be so tempting to make your home tailored just to kids, but this bijou and beautiful living room really shows that the adults can lead the way!

6. Opened-out opulence

One of the most popular ways to tackle a small family home is to open it up as much as possible. You might think that simply having one main room will actually make your home feel smaller, but it really won't, as this amazing example proves! Had these two spaces been separate, you would have had a small dining room and a compact lounge, but knocked into one, they make for an amazing communal zone that will house everyone all at once. Perfect for families with children of different ages!

7. A fabulous family façade

We've spent a lot of time looking at the interiors of small family homes, so let's take a moment to consider the outside. A small home can be a staggeringly beautiful one, when designed properly and we don't think you'll need much more proof than this wonderful property! Simple, contemporary and perfectly proportional, can't you just imagine many happy hours spent in here?

8. Magic in Milan

There was clearly a fabulous interior designer behind this lovely living room scheme, as the layout has just enough genius little touches to mean it was no accident! Our favourite part is that the sofa has been pulled away from the wall, creating an extra gangway that is so vital in a busy family home, especially a small one! Relaxed, sociable and wonderfully furnished, this space shows that you don't need a mansion in order to create a truly amazing family home.

For more family home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The sophisticated little family home.

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