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Even the simplest of houses can sometimes come with a unique and smart surprises. The YT House in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan is one such abode that redefines elegant simplicity in a whole new way. The no-fuss, pristine white exterior leads you to a cleverly designed interior which celebrates the boons of open plan living. Despite the narrowness of the building, each functional space is closely connected and equipped with all modern amenities. The home also enjoys the presence of a stylish terrace that lets you connect with the forested landscape surrounding the property. Rendered by the architects at E.CO Room, this Japanese residence is extremely inspiring.

Modern and serene

When viewed from outside, the house appears as a simple concoction of two boxy and white structures. Straightforward lines dominate the scene, while neat windows and doors punctuate the walls to let in ample sunlight and fresh air. The property is surrounded by tall trees which make for a serene setting, where you can relax and be yourself.

Compact but smart

The inside of the abode has been intelligently designed to make the most of the vertical space available. The height of the structure has been utilized effectively by building a loft that can be reached by a sleek ladder. And wood has been introduced for the flooring to add warmth to the fresh white walls. The dining table is a sleek and industrial chic affair with a slim wall-mounted shelf nearby, which holds dainty potted greens for an earthy feel. The dark-hued shelf on the right holds books and can also store crockery and other household items. To ensure the ample influx of natural light, a number of windows and skylights have been brought in. Trendy pendant lights take care of the illumination.

Open plan living

We love how the kitchen integrates with the living space without making this area look claustrophobic. A half wall essentially separates this two zones without hampering easy socialization, while the stylish bathroom is a cordoned off space accessible from the living area. A sleek black sofa decked with trendy cushions offer seating for guests, while a fashionable chandelier and pendant lights offers soothing brightness. The kitchen window lets you enjoy the terrace view while cooking, and the presence of another high window ensures that cross-ventilation is adequate.

Super cool organisation

To make culinary chores convenient, sleekness was the key element while designing the storage solutions for this kitchen. White, wooden and chrome hues come together for a snazzy look, modish appliances make this a highly functional space. A narrow in-built cabinet and a wall-mounted shelf on the left stores lots of stuff, while the countertops offer ample space for prepping and cooking. Hooks have been fixed on the underside of the wall shelf and also on the wall next to the cook top to hang pots, pans, ladles and such.

Outdoor pleasures

The large and trendy terrace combines creamy white, black and light wooden hues for a bold yet serene effect. A sleek sofa and bench offer ample scope for relaxation, while a basketball hoop has been installed on the wall for some energetic fun. Wooden beams and glass make for a structure that shades the terrace, and this spot is perfect for soaking in natural beauty without a care in the world.

This small home in Okinawa packs a solid design punch with its sleek and smart designs, efficient storage hacks, elegant colours and thoughtful utilisation of space. Check out another tour for more ideas - The smart and stylish house of your dreams.

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