Small is Beautiful: 8 Homes To Adore

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Small is Beautiful: 8 Homes To Adore

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras de estilo ecléctico de ALTS DESIGN OFFICE Ecléctico
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Small homes are like beautiful sanctuaries for their owners. While there can be challenges in living in a small space, it's all about being smart with your home. Interior decorators and designers often have clever solutions for small spaces. 

Combining rooms or opting for open plan design is one of the ways that small homes can be more functional and comfortable. We will share some home and interior design solutions to inspire you to love your compact, cozy abode.

1. Contemporary barn

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de Nash Baker Architects Ltd Moderno Vidrio
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Rear elevation of ​Bourne Lane eco-house in Kent at twilight

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

This home is simply an architectural gem. An open planned main floor creates one heart for the home where one would spend most of their time. High ceilings and an entirely glazed far wall mean that this home is open and airy. Architects built the home to look like a modern twist on a traditional barn design. This small home is absolutely captivating.

2. Indoor garden

The interior of this small home has been transformed into a beautiful indoor garden terrace. Creativity is at play with the use of stones and plants in the room. The space feels like a chic outdoor cafe. A slim staircase maximizes the space inside. Blonde wood and bright windows make the small home feel expansive. We love the minimalistic scandinavian design in the room!

3. Sprawling Kitchen

Espacios de homify

This kitchen is designed for people to flow through easily. A mixture of wood grains and stone textures makes the design of the kitchen dynamic. The addition of a breakfast bar creates a casual eat-in kitchen. The island houses the stove and also provides extra storage and counter space. This is a kitchen designed to be full of people cooking.

4. Open kitchen

de homify Moderno

Another kitchen makes similar use of a mixture of woods to create a warm and eclectic kitchen. The open design and addition of a dining table means that the kitchen can comfortably fit the whole family. Full of incredible white cabinetry, the kitchen has a surplus of storage space. Cool and warm lighting from the pendant lamps and installed lighting in the ceiling make this a perfect space to hang out any time of day. We love the incredible stained wood ceiling because it gives the room a touch of luxury.

5. Creamy and comfy living room

This living room charms with shades of cream and off-white. Punchy red and orange accents give this room some autumnal appeal that is perfect for the upcoming season. Contemporary furniture in this room provides plenty of comfortable seating. The windows in this room show off some of the home’s character. 

Natural brown toned shades give the room some cozy privacy. We love the red lamp in the room it has some stylish eastern flair! For eastern design inspiration, check out our feature on how to get the look for your home

6. Modern living room

In small homes it's often necessary to combine the living and the dining room together. Storage space can be at a premium and this home gets around that by making use of built in storage that blends seamlessly with the home's design. This space exudes a soft contemporary vibe. We love how there is a slim piano and office corner in this room to make it practical for the family who lives here.

7. Small concrete home

This little concrete home is an ultramodern marvel. We love the glazed conservatory room in the front of the house. Small homes can be full of style! This home certainly leaves an impression. It's a bold look to have a traditional house shape built with modern and industrial materials. A home perfect for those who love urban style.

8. Apartment home

This apartment stuns with its beautiful bright living room. A simple hall leads to this room with casual low furniture and high design. The use of plants bring vibrancy to the room.  A neutral colour palette means that the plush purple couch really pops. This is a perfectly cozy room to share with friends. We love the patio doors that help flood the room with light and the stylish paper lantern lights!

Thanks for checking out our design inspiration for small and beautiful homes! If you like this check out our feature on smart simple ways to furnish small apartments.

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de Casas inHAUS Moderno

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