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The infinity house

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Let's take a tour of this awe-inspiring house designed by Peter Pichler Architecture, architects based in Italy. The house is located in a picturesque countryside surrounded by vineyards and mountains, and the architects have cleverly designed the house to literally reflect the beautiful natural surroundings by integrating mirrors onto the exterior of the house. This is truly a house which we can reflect upon. 

We hope you will be inspired by the ingenious architecture and design of this house. Let's have a look at this incredible and beautiful creation which joins forces with nature and the law of physics to astound anyone who sets their eyes upon this house. 

The house of mirrors

This is a view of the backyard of the house, and as you can see the mirrors installed on the  exterior of the back portion of this house work magic by reflecting the scenic natural surroundings. It almost seems surreal to look at doesn't it? Not only does the house literally reflect the beauty of the mountains, it also brings them closer. In fact, it seems as if the mountains were right on the backyard itself. Imagine floating around in the pool in the backyard and being given a live show of your immediate surroundings. It's much better than television for sure!

The infinity house by night

Pictured here is what this amazing house of mirrors looks like by night. The whole house is illuminated by a magical glow from the lights surrounding the bottom of the house, making it possible to enjoy the beautiful reflection at night as well. 

This house could very well be named the infinity house, taken after the concept of the infinity pool. The house reflects the sky which is limitless, and there seems to be no boundary between the house and the sky. As they say, the sky is the limit, and these brilliant architects have expressed this in their design. 

A contemporary house

From the front view, the house looks ultra modern and contemporary. Although it is mostly boxed shaped, it is also composed of some wavy notes at the sides. The roof of the house is designed in a very rustic country style fashion, making it blend in with the countryside it's located in. This also gives the house an eclectic style as it is a combination of both contemporary and country styles. 

The black and white color scheme chosen for the exterior of this house presents an elegant contrast, defining and framing the interesting shapes. Surrounded by a simple fence climbing with vines and a modest entrance, the house assumes a fairly humble impression in the beginning. One would probably never imagine that the back of the house could be so incredible! 

The glass house

As we walk in, we notice how open the house is. Mostly covered by glass sliding doors, the house is eager to soak in the expansive views around it. The house is slightly elevated and has a bright white patio around it. We can also see here that the house is composed of two separate compartments with varying heights, but is somehow brought together and united as one. This variation creates an interesting effect in terms of the architecture and design of the house. 

Let's take a look inside the house now shall we? 

Inside the house of wonder

From the inside of the house, the view of the vineyards and majestic mountains don't escape us thankfully, it would be a shame if they did. The simple dining area looking out to the lovely view is minimalist in style with white being the dominant color and some other odd colors here and there. 

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A hidden bedroom

This house of wonder cleverly conceals spaces to provide adequate privacy, while also giving us the option of having an open plan living design. As you can see here, the bedroom can be hidden away by the wooden folding door, creating a private room instantaneously. 

Well, all good things must come to an end, and we have now come to the end of our tour of this amazing house in Italy. We hope you've enjoyed this tour. For more inspiration, have a look at a house that reflects modernity

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