10 ways to boost your home with patterns

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Certain styles only work with certain houses. Grandiose chandeliers and elaborate sofas are not necessarily going to fit into a small home. You may try it, but don't expect to fit in anything else. On the other hand, living in a large house with tiny pockets of art, so as not to take up too much space, will often lead you on a very long quest to find them as you wander through a mostly empty home.

However, there are some things that can work in homes of all shapes and sizes. One of these things is the topic of today's article: patterns. From your bathroom to the your kitchen, all the way to the sofa, patterns of all kinds can help spruce up the decor of the room and bring some energy to it.

Below, are a wide variety of patterns from a range of architects, that will no doubt stun and inspire, leading you to create something similar in your own home. So get ready to make your house more colourful and dynamic, and scroll down to see a whirl of swirls.

1. Going futuristic

Tiny hexagons will be all the rage in a few years time, so there's no reason why you can't get ahead of the crowd, and start living in the future today. While the image above uses the tiles in the bathroom, this design is perfect for any room in your house. The hexagon pattern gives the whole room a very uniform, yet lively feel.

Also, don't feel limited to just one colour. While the bathroom uses white to give off the feeling of cleanliness, experimentation can reward you with amazing thing. Mixing around different tiles of different colour can create an interesting effect and you could spend hours just staring at the walls, taking it all in.

2. Back to basics

MYBATH SILENCE MyBath BañosLavabos



Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one. This rule can also apply to patterns, as this classic brick tile pattern shows. If you want to give your room a strong foundation and a sense of stability, this tile pattern is right up your alley. 

Experimenting with different colours is also very important, and can change the message your pattern is sending. With this pattern, using the typical red or brown, will increase the feeling of security and will be perfect for more industrial home. On the other hand, using the colour white will make the wall almost invisible, perfect for those with a minimalist home. It's amazing what a little palette swap can do, even to such a simple design as this one.

3. Patterns for days

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Almohadones y throw Palta


Moving away from patterns on your walls, if you want a proper explosion that will electrify your decor, and stun all visitors, then turn your couch into a palace of patterns. Each pillow and cushion put their own spin on things, and the bright colours will instantly capture anyone's attention, making this a great focal point for your living room.

While each pattern is unique and stands out, it may seem difficult to find the right balance. Worry not, as the solution is far simpler than it seems. Make sure that each cushion maintains the same brightness of colour. The moment you throw something too dark into the mix, it'll disrupt the style. As long as it's colourful and has a cool design, it will fit right in.

4. Go full art

People have an ability called pattern recognition, which allows us to see patterns and shapes in places that don't seem to have any. However, sometimes you want to make things a bit easier for yourself. If that turns out to be the case, then turn all those patterns and swirls of colour into a piece of art.

Just like van Gogh managed to perfectly capture the night sky in a brilliant combination of swirls, so can you bring out your inner artist, and mix and match different patterns until you decor is bathed in a stunning picture. Just be sure to properly use your colours, so that each aspect can stand out.

5. Swirls

Moroccan Tiles Pixers Livings de estilo colonial Azul pattern,tiles,moroccan,colonial,mediterrean,wall mural,wallpaper

Moroccan Tiles


However, if you choose to going with something more abstract, this wheel of crazy colours and cool combinations will definitely boost your decor. One of the great things that this pattern does, is that it enhances the rest of the colours around it. If you manage to match something up with the same, or very similar colour, on the wheel, that piece of furniture will get a boost. The best example of this is the blue cabinet in the room above, which is highlighted thanks to the blue in the wheel.

This wallpaper excels at drawing you in and keeping you interested for ages. This is achieved thanks to the masterful balance between colour shades and the way the patterns are distributed. If you try to include this pattern in your home, try to start from a single point of branch out. This is a great way to avoid false starts and achieve something unique. Finally, because this pattern would be perfect for those that want a bit of Moroccan design in their Malaysian homes.

6. Gradient hills

Jamestown White, Brown, Grey & Black The London Tile Co. Paredes y pisosBaldosas y azulejos
The London Tile Co.

Jamestown White, Brown, Grey & Black

The London Tile Co.

Moving away from the colourful explosions, this pattern is more suited for those who like a subtler touch of colour and follow the design choices of modernist and Scandinavian styles. That being said, just because it's subtle, doesn't mean that it's not eye catching. 

Despite using only three distinct colours, the tiles manage to make a profound effect, thanks to each colour being given plenty of space. Also, despite the patterns following a simple up and down design, thanks to the slower pace at which the colours rise, the whole wall turns into a mountain range, allowing your imagination to run wild with possibility. This particular effect, is why this pattern is perfectly suited for the Scandinavian design, and will certainly compliment the overall design aesthetic.

7. Minimal matters

Pulling away even further from colours, this design is perfect for those that wish to use patterns to make their decor stand out, but also wish to maintain the minimalist style that appears in the rest of their house. 

Despite the fact that just using two colours might get a bit boring, the designers made this pattern work by mixing up the little colour triangles in such a way that it creates both a sense of chaos and order. Don't think that just because you use a certain style, doesn't mean that there isn't a pattern out there for you. Sometimes, all it takes is just a bit of inspiration.

8. Patchwork parade

Boldly returning to the land of the crazy and colourful, this set of tiles tries to take on every pattern under the sun, and see if they can offer a variation on it. Thanks to the fact that each tile is separated by a white border, it's possible to experiment a bit more with shades of colour.

This freedom of creativity really lets the designers loose, and allows them to play around with a lot of variations. If you can't seem to decide on a single design, and sometimes wish you could try all of them, this style of patterns is just what you were looking for. Finally, these kinds of patterns are great, even for smaller houses, as all you really have to do is limit the amount of tiles that you use. If you wish to turn your decor upside down and topsy-turvy, this is a great first step.

9. Etch it in

While the colour and the style of pattern often takes priority, it is also important to focus on how the pattern is created. For the most part, we've had patterns made on tiles, sewn into pillows or printed on wallpaper. However, the pattern that we can see above was carved out of a stone wall, adding a dimension of depth that the previous patterns were somewhat missing.

While the pattern doesn't go for a crazy amount of detail, it does manage to create a very peaceful atmosphere. This atmosphere is further helped by the soft greens and browns. Despite the limitations of carving things into walls, this pattern goes to show that it can still come out beautiful, and is no doubt a worthy addition to your decor.

10. Shadow games

Malaysia is a place that gets plenty of sun throughout the year and as such, is in a rare position to try out something completely different. Instead of worrying about shades of colour and how distribute them, simply choose the sunniest area in your home, give one of your walls in interesting pattern, and watch as the sun does all your work for you.

While it may only work sometimes during the day, this pattern is still one of the most original things we have seen, and is absolutely perfect for the outdoors, which is often overlooked when discussing patterns. If you ever decide to have a small shaded area in your garden, where you can enjoy a meal or talk to your friends, think about adding this pattern to it, and see as it completely changes up the decor. 

If feel like your house needs even more sprucing up, but can't seem to find the right kind of inspiration, maybe it's time to look towards the night sky and see what the stars have in store for you. Or, if it turns out to be a particularly cloudy night, this guide has got your back and will offer great inspiration for all star signs.

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