The White Box House

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The amazing white box house is located in rural Japan and comes courtesy of Ishikawa's Zuiun interior architects. The simple, striking façade of this abode bursts from the street in pristine white, immediately drawing the gaze of passers-by for its stark yet energetic aesthetic. 

Within, lies a classic interior incorporating a subdued colour scheme and prevalent use of wood throughout the finishes and furnishings. An impressive influx of natural light streams into the house through large windows, warming the space with a soft glow as sunshine highlights the deep tones of the wood and fabric design features. The kitchen of the home exudes traditional style, with a teal feature wall imbuing the predominantly wooden décor of the living space with a splash of colour, and brass hanging lamps adding classic sophistication. 

The bathroom is stunning in simple white, giving off a rustic appeal as fresh flowers and brown glass decorate the space. The master bedroom is cosy and comfortable, with a voluminous bed standing ready to accommodate restful slumber, and an understated colour palette spicing up the décor. 

Taken as a whole the white box house is warm and inviting, exuding classic style behind its bright and happy exterior. Take a tour and see for yourself!

Bright, white box

The exterior of the home is resplendent in pristine white, standing out against the clear blue sky like a geometric cloud. A first glance the structure appears simple, with the clean lines of the façade creating a sense of elevated elongation. The interesting assortment of windows on the façade of the home appear intriguing and playful, peaking the curiosity of observers and tempting us to peer through the front door.

Expansive living

The interior of the home immediately paints a contrasting picture relative to the home's white facade, with the warm tones of wooden floors and furnishings filling the space with traditional charm. Light filters through the expansive windows and soft curtains, creating a warm ambience throughout the home, while the dark fabrics of the furnishings add comfortable, rustic appeal. 

A smattering of traditional artefacts decorate the table and credenza, infusing the space with a distinctly Japanese persona.

Teal kitchen

This vantage provides a lovely view of the kitchen area, with its teal feature wall adding a splash of colour to the space and contrasting beautifully with the brown of the wood within the home and the gleaming brass of the hanging lamps. Sunshine streams through the kitchen window, illuminating the space and generating a refreshing atmosphere in which to cook up a delicious meal.

Voluminous comfort

Subdued hues decorate the home's master bedroom, with cream, brown and aqua combining to create a softly colourful space. The large bed appears voluminous and comfortable and has been perfectly positioned to capitalise on morning light filtering through the overhead window as a gentle wake-up call to the occupants. 

The subtle decoration of the aqua wall adds a unique design element within the room, while the darker grey of the carpet anchoring the space and providing stylish comfort underfoot.

Simple style

The bathroom of the home gleams in white simplicity, with the room retaining a classic, subtly rustic sense of style. Frosted windows invite natural light while still maintaining bathroom privacy, and the wooden trim of the mirror, shelves and sink unit infuse the space with traditional charm. Brown glass bottles emulate the deep tones of the wooden finishes, while two simple posies of fresh flowers scattered within the room add aromatic ambience and the delicate touch of nature. 

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