30 Inspiring ideas for the entrance of your home

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30 Inspiring ideas for the entrance of your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Jardines de estilo  por Marcelo John Arquitetura e Interiores, Tropical
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The first impression of a house is made by it’s a façade and that means you need to be careful with every little detail. Today, we are going to show you some stunning home decoration ideas for your home’s entrance that will certainly make your neighbours jealous.

​1. A beautiful landscape

An entry with a beautiful landscape is enough to surprise the neighbours. And, if you looking for one, this house is an inspiration.

​2. Marble Stairs

Wood is the first preference when it comes to stairs, but if you want to add a unique touch, marble stairs can be a quick pick.

​3. Wooden pergola

A staggered entrance with wooden pergola makes a fantastic welcome for any house.

​4. Total elegance

Casas de estilo  por Excelencia en Diseño, Moderno
Excelencia en Diseño


Excelencia en Diseño

Wood, stone, and glass, this room have the perfect combination of all the three elements.

​5. Combination of textures

Casas de estilo  por aaestudio, Moderno



Different levels of the home display different textures and it is just too perfect to have in there.

​6. Different colour façade

Casas de estilo  por homify, Moderno

While the front door here is wooden, the side wall has a splash of different colours.

​7. Semi-hidden

Different elements are adorning this house, including wood, marbles, and steel.

​8. An easy access

Pasillos y hall de entrada de estilo  por FGO Arquitectura, Tropical Bambú Verde
FGO Arquitectura

Acceso Peatonal

FGO Arquitectura

Concrete and natural elements make the entry to this house easier and sophisticated.

​9. Charm and tradition

A bit of traditional charm is always appreciated and this house has the perfect implementation.

​10. Elegance of wood

The elegance of potted plants and woods are known for its warmth giving feature and here you have a perfect example.

​11. Stone frame

Stone frames in a modern façade can bring dramatic change in your house.

​12. Rustic entrance

Welcome your guests through a rustic entrance and beautiful lights.

​13. A wonderful pergola

Casas de estilo  por Imativa Arquitectos, Moderno
Imativa Arquitectos

Residencia R53

Imativa Arquitectos

The pergola of this home is the centre of attraction for this home.

​14. Tiled home

We hardly see a tiled roof, but here we have an exquisite example and it surely protects the home from rain.

​15. Bright and modern

Casas de estilo  por Excelencia en Diseño, Moderno Madera Acabado en madera
Excelencia en Diseño

la puerta principal

Excelencia en Diseño

It’s a modern and bright home with enough of lights all around.

​16. Light guides

Casas de estilo  por Imativa Arquitectos, Moderno
Imativa Arquitectos

Residencia R53

Imativa Arquitectos

The steps of this corridor are guided with twinkling lights and it’s a beautiful illustration for sure.

​17. Elevated Features

Seated at a high angle, this house is featuring several green plants in grace.

​18. Trending concrete

The façade of the house is completely concrete, but the front door here is wooden.

​19. Protect without being dull

For a secure entrance, the façade need not be dull. Marbles, wood, and lights are being utilized here for a better effect. 20. Maximum elegance Grids and lights are the two leading elements of this home façade.

​20. Maximum elegance

Grids and lights are the two leading elements of this home façade.

​21. Water and garden

Water and garden in the front of the house make a grand entrance.

​22. Modern and simple garden

Draw the attention of the entire neighbourhood with this beautiful garden.

​23. A long corridor

It’s a long corridor with small and big plants on both the sides.

​24. Vibrant Pink

This entrance in vibrant pink  is more like a fairy tale to the house.

​25. Classical entrance

Casas de estilo  por fc3arquitectura, Colonial

Fachada principal


A classic and beautiful entrance elevates the grace of a house and here you have a perfect example.

​26. Giving importance door

Ventanas de estilo  por fc3arquitectura, Moderno

Detalle de acceso


Give importance to the colour of the house and this can be your cue to a beautiful entrance.

​27. An elegant entrance

Marble floor and wooden entrance are the essence of this house.

​28. Wooden façade

By looking at this house, we can only say that you don’t need anything more than wood for a stunning façade.

​29. Small garden

Access harmony with a small garden, just the way the designers of this home have done.

​30. Perfect structure

The elegance of this house has been maintained by  a definite structure, garden, as well as the illuminating lights.

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Casas de estilo  por Casas inHAUS, Moderno

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