18 space-saving furniture ideas perfect for your home

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18 space-saving furniture ideas perfect for your home

Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada Sarah Tolle – Homify Canada
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Oh, furniture and where to put it! Space is often at a premium at home, whether you're living with roommates in a small city apartment, in a tiny home (or a home that feels like one), or with a large, crowded family in the suburbs. 

For modern life, furniture needs to more adaptable, efficient, and multifunctional than ever before in order to fit conveniently into the space- and money-saving floor plans of today. Here are 18 excellent examples of furniture that's made to mold to a busy modern lifestyle.

1. Bookshelf with desk

Estudio de estilo  por Idea Interior,

This bookshelf takes on a minor adaptation and becomes a small desk, maintaining a narrow enough profile to still hug the wall closely. Not only does this eliminate the need for two separate piece of furniture in your living room, but it also keeps your books and folders right where you need them while you work.

​2. Trundle bed

Dormitorios de estilo  por paola bagna,
paola bagna

Main space

paola bagna

It's hard to find a more efficient way of using the space under your bed. A trundle design keeps your storage organized and easily accessible, and it also provides an extra sturdy base for supporting a mattress.

3. A closet kitchen

Cocinas pequeñas de estilo  por MILL-HOUSE,

Rarely is a kitchen a room you'd be able to fit in a closet. However, the designers from Mill House have done it!  When not in use, this mini kitchen can be covered up by the folding doors, creating a seamless white wall that prevents the cooking space from intruding upon the lounging space in this studio-style arrangement.

For more small kitchen ideas, see this ideabook: 8 Small But Charming Kitchens

4. ​Custom recycled desk

Estudio de estilo  por Biogibson,

Escritorio de pallet sobre caballetes


A few recycled sawhorses make for a great DIY project – you can create your own work table, like this one, personalizing the shelves and surfaces to suit your lifestyle needs. Bonus points: it's easy to disassemble and move into the closet should you need to!

5. ​Coffee table plus

Salas de estilo  por Segusino Muebles Condesa,
Segusino Muebles Condesa

Mesa de Centro con dos cajones

Segusino Muebles Condesa

This coffee table is a large storage chest, with a hidden drawer that grants the exterior a seamless appearance.

6. ​Fold-down desk

An inexpensive and space-efficient solution for study and work, this fold down desk takes up no more than a few inches of depth when tucked away, blending in easily with the monochrome white walls.

7. ​Moveable partition

It's a moveable piece of furniture that doubles as a room partition. This shelf works to divide the space into separate areas, in addition to offering a fold-out desk and plenty of storage.

8. ​The super table

This design is genius in its simplicity. An additional horizontal layer creates a shallow shelf all around the table, with separate modules to keep like items together.

9. ​Convertible coffee table

Salas de estilo  por Weld,

For anyone who likes to work from the couch, this table can fold out to offer an additional option for typing, playing cards, etc., and it's also an excellent solution for anyone with limited mobility.

​10. A shelf to sit upon

Who said that bookshelves need to lean against the wall? This shelf has converted itself into a raised platform for a lofted bed, doubling as a friendly bench that extends into the room.

11. ​Mini wall desk

It's impossible to go smaller than this mini wall desk! For anyone short on cash, this simple construction is an easy and inexpensive solution that lets you store supplies while not in use, folding down conveniently when you'd like to study.

12. ​For the kids

Because it's much more fun to clean the bed when your closet looks like this.

13. ​El mueble de la TV

Sala multimedia de estilo  por MADERISTA,

Mueble de TV con escritorio para recámara


In a toned-down version of a sprawling entertainment centre, this sleek design offering everything you need (storage, a spot for the TV and electronic appliances) and nothing that you don't! This piece maintains a narrow profile, perfect for a narrow living room.

14. ​Smart shoe shelf

Vestíbulos, pasillos y escaleras de estilo  por Connox,

This entrance configuration is quite clever – it has a feature for absolutely everything, offering storage for umbrellas, hats, jackets, keys, boots, shoes… a highly functional setup indeed!

15. ​Kitchen island

A good kitchen island design includes plenty of storage, like this design which includes both a shelf and storage baskets below the chopping block.

16. ​Bed with desk

This clever bunk has it all: it sleeps two, offers storage and display space on a large shelf, a pull-out underneath, and a fold down desk.

Deciding on a colour scheme for a small bedroom? Check out this ideabook for colour tips: Delightfully Dark: Colour Rules for Small Spaces

17. ​Slide-out leaves

Cocina de estilo  por Furnet,

Mesa de cocina extensible


Too often you're left fiddling with the tricky leaves on the dinner table just minutes before the guests arrive (or, better yet, you leave this task to your willing guests). This table solves this problem with seamless slide-out leaves (adding a utensil drawer as well!).

18. ​Washer in the bathroom

This apartment has no need for a separate laundry room – the bathroom works just fine! The surface above the washer can be used for placing the laundry, and also provides an unusually large bathroom counter space when not being used for laundry!

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