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A great villa with a deceptive facade

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Kabaz Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes
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Luxury homes come in many different shapes and sizes, from lavish penthouses nestled within sky-high superstructures, to quaint yet no less impressively opulent country villas. Today’s home is the latter, and a strikingly beautiful one at that! Get ready folks, we’re heading to The Netherlands to take a rare tour inside one of the most deceptively gorgeous homes in the region. 

Designed and brought to life thanks to the team at Kabaz, the dwelling boasts a surprising interior and a wonderfully quaint exterior. The traditional façade certainly doesn’t dictate the interior design, and we’re sure you will be as surprised as we were! 

Outside the home we see a property that offers very traditional architecture, bursting with personality and charm; however, inside the residence, the story is rather different. Would you like to see the surprising interior? Check out what lies behind the front door by reading on below…

As pretty as a picture

Kabaz Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes

Bursting with style and a seriously inviting aesthetic, the first image we get of this gorgeous home is truly perfect. Designed with a traditional thatched roof, the ubiquitously Dutch residence has included more modern shades and tones to evoke a contemporary ambience.

From this vantage the home looks rather generously sizes, but also feels rather quaint, with an unimposing atmosphere that invites us in. To get a better idea of the size and layout of the home, we’ll head around to the garden… let’s take a look below.

The impressive rear garden

Kabaz Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes

Wow! We certainly weren’t expecting this dwelling to feel so expansive and luxurious. From the rear of the home, the ambience is certainly impressive and lavish. Sprawling green grass frames the abode and offers a fabulous space to entertain friends and family.

Set around this lawn area there are also several decked spaces. These are replete with luxurious recliners and deck chairs that offer an ideal space to relax and unwind, while enjoying the bright night’s sky.

Fabulous entertaining spaces

Kabaz Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes

We’ll this house just keeps getting better! Moving in closer to the main structure we see the indoor/outdoor entertaining space that offers a large area for dining and relaxing. Illuminated with amber, wall-mounted lights, the terrace is perfect for hot summers, but also allows the individuals a space to sit during rainy or cooler days.

We’re also able to catch a glimpse of the size of the home. Definitely larger than originally thought, this luxury villa embraces natural materials to provide a sense of cohesion with the natural environment.

Wow! The striking interior…

Kabaz Livings de estilo moderno

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly be surprised any further, we check out the interior. Unbelievably luxurious, the living room to this villa doesn’t represent the quaintness of the façade. Modern, plush and opulent, this room boasts contemporary schemes paired with a calm, cosy and timeless blend of aesthetics.

Technology and contemporary touches

Kabaz Livings de estilo moderno

To warm things up the designers have included a über-contemporary fireplace that stands out within this room, and sits adjacent a pop up television, which can be hidden when not required. Unusual and unique, this innovative use of technology definitely sets this house apart from the neighbouring dwellings.

The home’s central hub

Kabaz Cocinas de estilo moderno

Next up we enter the kitchen. A perfect space for gathering with friends and family, this multi-purpose and versatile space has been designed to accommodate eating, cooking and relaxing. Opting for a contemporary aesthetic, the concrete countertop certainly seals the deal and ensures the modern ambience within this dwelling isn’t questioned or doubted!

Modernity and unique touches

Kabaz Livings de estilo moderno

Within another reception room we see modern touches throughout. Here the room comes replete with a small workspace, parquet floors and several eye-catching features. We love the low hanging chandelier, what feature caught your eye? 

A 5-star bathroom

Kabaz Baños de estilo moderno

Moving into the bathroom we’re no longer surprised by the outstanding inclusion of grand and majestic features. Unquestionably a 5-star space, this bathroom boasts an entry-level shower, timber floored bath area, and plenty of sleek yet relaxing design elements.

The surprises keep on coming!

Kabaz Spas de estilo rústico

Last, but certainly not least, we check out the steam room, sauna and home gymnasium. Lighting denotes each space, with blue for steam and red for the sauna. Designed to cater to every possible domestic need, this dwelling is an unbelievable property that includes an endless array of luxury elements and features. We were certainly impressed by this home, were you?

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