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An home with opulent interiors in Turkey

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If interior decadence is your thing, prepare to be absolutely bowled over by this jaw-dropping interior in Turkey. Designer Hakan Helvacioğlu certainly can’t be accused of having cut any corners in his quest for absolute luxury…

​The lounge

There is so much going on in this space that it’s actually very hard to know where to look first (this will be a recurring situation throughout this interior, by the way). A good place to start might be that exquisite patterned wood floor, which manages to capture both elegance and idiosyncrasy in its zig-zag stripes of alternating types of wood. 

Raising our gaze from the floor, we might next want to more closely examine the range of opulent fabrics used here – from the tasselled, quilted and very indulgent-looking cream sofas in the foreground to the richly upholstered one in the back, with its perfectly contrasting brocade cushions. 

If this room were to be reduced to one word, that one word might be “quality”; if it were to be reduced to two words, the second one might be “expense”. Everything seen here is, indeed, extraordinarily finely crafted; but more than just being finely crafted, each piece would, very obviously, be beyond the means of the majority of people. Therein lies part of the temptation of this room.

​The dining area

It’s worth noting just how well-suited the interior furnishings and the building itself are for each other. That high, intricately detailed ceiling is just right for hanging a pair of crystal chandeliers; and if this room were more cramped and less regal, how could that gorgeous dining table, polished to perfection, ever hope to stand out as it deserves to? Once again, understatement is off the (dining) table in this room, and stately grandeur is very much on it. It’s hard to imagine these chairs filled by anyone but very sophisticated people, most likely discussing matters of grave importance. All this overlooked by the bust at the far end of the table, who lends a classical air to the room.

​The bedroom

Materials, again, are the main attraction of this room, with the fabulous brocade of the bedding contrasting with the rich pattern on the wall behind. As ever, there can be absolutely no doubt that every item seen here is one of the finest examples of its type. To fall asleep in this room is, almost certainly, to wake up feeling like a king.

A close-up reveals the varied nature of the textures used here, and, most interestingly, the velvet fabric use for the headboard.

​The hall

Once again the floor is a key feature, though this time instead of a zig-zag pattern a simple stripy effect has been chosen. The way that the floor is arranged – with the wooden inlay forming the central part and the edges being made up of clear white marble – makes it seem like the wooden section is some kind of unusual rug.

​The bathroom

As we have already seen elsewhere in this interior, luxury does not negate individuality. This wonderfully unique sink is the perfect example of that.

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