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Breakfast bars: 6 beautiful options for your kitchen

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It goes by various names – a breakfast table, breakfast nook, or breakfast bar – but no matter how it's referred to, this kitchen feature is undeniably comfortable and convenient! While for some, breakfast is a speedy occasion involving no more than a hurried cup of coffee,  for many, breakfast is a cherished tradition – a daily phenomenon where time stops just long enough to enjoy a quiet breakfast routine before diving into another busy day. 

For breakfast lovers everywhere, today's idea book invites you to explore the first meal of the day through various breakfast bar designs that provide a casual and convenient place to start the day off on the right foot!

1. ​Basic island

For many, a separate niche or dedicated breakfast nook is not necessary – this simple design opts for a cantilevered surface that serves as a convenient spot for a quick meal. This floating design provides the utmost in mobility, as the countertop has no supports that might interfere with pushing chairs in and out or moving about the space below the counter.

2. ​Set of stools

This elongated design houses 4 stools below a classic rectangular table – an arrangement that combines the traditional, familiar look of a dining room table with the modern convenience of a kitchen island breakfast bar. With enough length to comfortably fit four stools, this bar is friendlier than most, with seating enough to welcome a small crowd!

3. Small kitchen table

Even in a narrow, linear kitchen like the one shown in this stylish example, a separate dining area is achievable! Here, lightweight white furniture keeps things light, as slim metallic legs reflect their surroundings and prevent the floorspace from feeling weighed down by heavy furniture. This streamlined design is as simple as they come but still provides an enormous amount of convenience and flair for this tiny kitchen. A suspended lamp hanging above the table would bring a lovely finishing touch to this simple design!

​4. Breakfast café

This upbeat arrangement offers a full-fledged breakfast area, with a steaming cup of coffee sitting center stage, perched on a circular table that fits well in the center of the room. This modern design uses symmetry to create an eye-pleasing balance, with a circular lamp centered over the circular table, and a pair of chairs placed evenly on each side. This layout is relaxed and cheerful, paying homage to a friendly, laid-back breakfast tradition.

5. ​Leap to the future

This breakfast bar offers an escape to a different dimension with the addition of the clear pane of glass that appears to extend from within the white mass of the kitchen island. This bi-level design is a great solution for those who prefer to sit in a regular chair rather than perching on a stool – with the interesting assortment of materials and shapes in this arrangement, these designers have taken a traditional seating dining layout and transformed it into a sleek, futuristic experience!

6. ​Wooden bench

For a breakfast bar design that captures the timeless and familiar feel of a pancake and coffee in the morning, a wooden design like this one is perfect! Long benches bring a communal feel to this breakfast bar, creating an informal, intimate atmosphere that goes perfectly with the sound of sizzling bacon on a Saturday morning.

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