10 ideas to decorate your walls that never occurred to you

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10 ideas to decorate your walls that never occurred to you

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Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de Alaya D'decor Moderno
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When it comes to decorating the home, there's a number elements that often go overlooked, and one of the most common oversights is the myriad possibilities available for decorating your walls. While a few pictures or a fresh coat of paint can provide a quick and easy way to update your decor, there's a whole range of unique and interesting ways to decorate your walls that will provide texture, character, and depth to your home, setting it apart from the rest.

The professionals at homify pride themselves on their creativity and innovation, constantly coming up with new approaches to interior decorating that can make a home really personal and special, and that's why today we're going to take a look at 10 different ways you can decorate your walls that have probably never occurred to you. Some of these ideas will require the help of experts to execute, while others can easily be replicated by yourself, but all of them will have a huge impact on your home, keeping the decor fresh, exciting, and distinctive.

1. Adhesive coating

If you want to add a new texture or materials to your walls, but don't want to undergo an expensive renovation, you can replicate the look and feel of certain materials with simple adhesive coatings. The grey panels here give the impression of textured concrete, while recessed lighting where the wall meets the ceiling, as well as behind the decorative squares, adds light and colour.

2. Carving and engraving

This is a really interesting idea, a room divider that has an ornate pattern carved into it, making it transparent. This allows light to pass through, and maintains visual continuity while still functionally separating spaces. The carved pattern adds some interest and character, and that's not even mentioning the back lit black shelf which offers a wonderful geometric contrast.

3. Vinyl murals

If you have a favourite poster, instead of simply framing it, how about getting a wall sized print that will effectively function as wallpaper or a giant mural! This is a great idea for kids' rooms where you can really do no wrong in terms of your choice for wall decorations, but it will also work elsewhere in the home with a little more consideration for how the image will relate to the rest of the decor.

4. Psychedelic patterns

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Advances in textile technology have ushered in a new age of wallpaper which is resilient and reliable, so consider taking advantage and decorating your room with dynamic colourful patterns that will bring the decor to life. Here they've perfectly matched the colour of the sofa and cushions to the pattern on the wall, tying the room together, and creating a space that is fun, vibrant, and exciting.

5. Creating a focal point

Having a focal point is a great way to ground a decor, and wall decorations are a really effective way to draw the eye to one spot. In the living room the focal point is often the television, and so here they have used a panel of golden tiles placed perfectly in the centre of the wall to frame the television.

6. A natural touch

Plants are a fantastic addition to every home, they purify the air, smell fresh, and give your decor a burst of living colour. Because of this we suggest filling your home with as much greenery as possible. Pot plants can take up a lot of space and clutter your home, so one of the best approaches is a vertical garden, turning a wall of your home into a living breathing eco-system. This framed vertical garden is easy to replicate, and it's a great project to undertake with the kids.

7. Creating texture with paint

Paint is a lot more versatile than we give it credit for, and there are lots of ways to create texture and depth inspired by the experimentation of artists. One of these approaches is to use a sponges, with the varied application creating different shades and hues in the colour you choose. Talk to an interior decorator about some unique ways to use paint in the home, and we're sure they'll have a few tricks to show you!

8. Stone veneers

Natural materials inherently provide variation in colour, bring the environment inside, and make your wall decorations a tactile experience. Unfortunately brick and stone can be expensive, and the process difficult. That's where artificial veneers come in; you can create the look and feel of stone with an easy application that can be done quickly, and at a fraction of the cost. It also means you have far more options in terms of look and style.

9. Three dimensional designs

For a really modern approach, try using three dimensional designs that will add depth to the decor, while direct lighting like they have used here will create a fascinating interplay of light and shadow.

10. Combining features

Sometimes a whole lot of little details can combine to fantastic effect. Here they've painted murals on the walls, and then covered them with lace curtains, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. 

There's so many different approaches, the key is just to keep an open mind and try things out! For more great decorating tips, check out this article on little changes you can make to your home that will make a big difference.

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