10 smart wall decoration ideas that never occurred to you

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10 smart wall decoration ideas that never occurred to you

Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de Alaya D'decor Moderno
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Employing the right interior design can work wonders in updating spaces. Many a times simply moving furniture, changing upholstery, introducing art pieces, or adding a new vase is sufficient to impart a new look to the room. However, the most effective, convenient and popular way is to simply give the walls a fresh coat of a different color. 

These days we have a variety of options to bedeck the walls – a layer of paint with an innovative technique, a vinyl poster, a wallpaper, 3D coatings or artificial finishes of wood/ stone. Interior designers also vouch for many of these options to give the walls of your interior spaces a new aspect.

homify brings to you 10 original ideas to deck up your walls, which will completely change the look of your rooms in a unique manner and give your rooms a jazzy revamp. Have a dekko!

1. Stick to contemporary design – adhesive coatings.

Remodeling the walls need not involve a tedious and expensive process; it could be as simple as putting a picture on the walls. Though it sounds kiddish, it is actually feasible with the help of adhesive coatings. A creation of modern design, adhesive coatings are quite convenient & non messy to use. You can select from an entire range of design, like the gray surface & the bright image, or just some borders, or small details, and add a personal touch using lights.

2. Go for original elegance of metallic tapestry.

Wallpaper is among the easiest and most economical techniques to revamp the walls. But for those looking to do something uniquely different from other wallpapers, metallic design is the best option. In this modern dining room, the metallic wall design is beautifully complementing the adjacent wooden structure with concealed lighting. Introducing contrasts through lights or opaque details makes the metallic designs on walls look even more graceful.

3. Please your little one with life-size vinyl posters.

This one can make your tots really happy. You could use giant vinyl posters of your little one’s favorite superhero/ cartoon to adorn the walls of his/ her room, giving the wall a new character. Alternately you could customize using psychedelic designs featuring outer space, underwater life or the Jurassic era to fire your child’s imagination!

4. Feast on psychedelic style or go artsy!

de homify Moderno Madera Acabado en madera

Walls can be aesthetically covered using psychedelic patterns as well as unleashing your artistic side. A big advantage of the material vinyl is that you can conveniently craft your own designs – by adding patterns to create a psychedelic style, or small figures to create a large mandala.  Also, you can use wall decor- small art pieces like paintings- to cover the entire wall, forming an elegantly spaced pattern.  

Look at the walls of this lovely living room! The wall behind the big couch is bound to make you see more than what is visible. The adjoining wall with the art pieces reflects the artistic side of the residents.

5. Impress all with a jazzy focal point.

A clever way to get everyone to notice & commend your renovation job, or any living space for that matter, is to create a focal point that is sure to capture everyone’s attention and make them overlook the minor flaws that the design may possess. And the best idea is to do it in one of the most prominent living spaces, like behind the television in this Mediterranean style multimedia room. The brown vertical panel stands out from the adjoining ones and makes it difficult, for those entering the room, to miss admiring the finessed wall texture.

6. Adopt the magical touch of nature.

This singular idea could be implemented in 2 ways – you could either add a real vertical garden with your choice of ornamental creepers, flowers, vines & ferns, or simply fix on the wall a pair of wood plaques bearing hanging plants/ grasses as shown in this image.

7. Play smart tricks using good old paint!

Looking to doll up your walls and just have paint to refurbish your home? A great way is to create new & fun designs that do away with the muted & ordinary look of the walls. And the best part is that to achieve this designer look, you will only need a piece of sponge for simply applying the paint in circular motions & creating roundish patterns. Though lengthy, it is very easy to do and really fun too!

In this spectacular classic bedroom, the gray green wall has been styled in the same way. Doesn’t it look amazing? The elegant wall complements the rest of the room in a truly refined manner.

8. Opt for sturdy style with stone laminates.

Laminates using natural materials make excellent options that you can explore to give your walls that fresh renewed appearance, and the whole room a charming new dimension. You can choose from among different varieties of stone or wood. Such laminates are easy to apply and the process is not very time consuming either. As in this visually sound lavish kitchen, stone laminates impart a new durable texture to the wall and bring an appealing novelty as well.

9. How about some avant-garde 3D designs?

If you dig the futuristic look, then 3D designs are your go-to option. There is a wide range of colors, textures & figures to choose from. And if you want something even more innovative, you can employ direct lighting to create really impactful shadows. Take a look at the wall shown here – the 3D design, coupled with the impact of the shadows cast by the light falling on the wall, looks simply astonishing.

10. Bank on the power of visual effects.

Last but not least, creating visual effects can add a great deal of detail & depth to your living spaces. As in this photo, you could even aesthetically simulate a romantic landscape with Greek columns, simply by using some sober artistic renditions and fabric/ cellophane sheets. Creating an illusion of Greek columns lends a delicate feel to this living room. The lighting enlivens it further.

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