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5 Ways to join the living room with the kitchen

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It's not that we have completely left behind the separate rooms with dividing walls, but without a doubt it's becoming increasingly popular to integrate two very important spaces in the home: the living room and the kitchen. Both functionally and aesthetically, it makes sense to integrate two different areas because it saves space and it looks good.  

In both classic and modern interior design, combining the room with the kitchen adds dynamism, comfort and space. In this guide, we offer you some ideas on how to join the living room with the kitchen. So say goodbye to the bricks and cement and take note!

Colours that are conserved to unify spaces

The integration of the living room and the kitchen in this image is achieved by the conservation of colours in the furniture. If you are in favor of this style, just do not forget to have a good kitchen hood to prevent the textiles from smelling like kitchen odors.

Tones of color that integrate the zones

Pictured here we can see that the floor, walls and ceiling are the same colour and play a part in integrating the living room with the kitchen. However, so that the kitchen does not look like an extension of the living room by the monochromatic style of the design, a wooden platform is added to the kitchen area to distinguish it from the living room area.  Another thing that makes the kitchen seem separate is the black ceiling that frames it. 

Also take note of how the position of the sofa does not separate one area from another, but instead creates the opening of space. Last but not least, make sure that the elements of the living room and kitchen match the same style. For example, here we can see that the contemporary design of the chairs in the kitchen are in tune with the modern furniture in the living room. 

Same materials used in different ways

Another simple and successful way to integrate these spaces is with the use of the same materials in walls and beams, but presented in different ways. For example, pictured here we can see that the stone wall in the living room and the use of bricks for the space underneath the kitchen bar come together in a rustic style with modern touches granted by the furniture. Also risk playing strategically with color here and there. For example, here we can see that the kitchen seats are the same tone as the sofa cushion, and this unifies the two areas. 

Integration with privacy

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Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

Another way to unite both spaces without losing privacy is to use a semi-closed system with which you can participate in the conversations of the room without leaving any clue of how you prepare the food. A half wall is the key piece for this style. It can be a half vertical wall like the one pictured here, or a horizontal wall that also can serve as a shelf to place ornaments or plants. 

Frames that replace the wall

If your kitchen was divided by a wall, you can blast it and instead use a frame to act as a visual separator, like we see pictured here. In this case, wood is the protagonist of the country style in both the kitchen and dining room, so it is ideal if the frame is of the same material.

As we have seen, conserving materials and colours, strategically placing similar or same color elements in two different areas (for example, blue cushions on the furniture and blue lamps in the kitchen), and allowing large furniture such as a sofa to not act as a separator of the areas but rather to help open the space. We hope you've found these basic recommendations to join your living room and your kitchen helpful. For more inspiration, have a look at contrasting hues in interior design

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