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Mediterranean kitchen ideas for Indian homes

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Mediterranean kitchens are always in vogue as these are earthy cooking areas with huge windows and earth tones.  From the floor to the cabinets and cooking area, a Mediterranean kitchen is well laid out with varied colors as there is widespread use of modern and traditional materials. The emphasis here is more on keeping everything within easy reach so kitchen islands are common in most Mediterranean homes wherever they can be accommodated. The cabinets are usually made of wood with brass handles to compliment counters made of marble.

Mellow Yellow

Country style chic and modern equipment make this cherry kitchen created by Passage Citron a delightful place to dish up tasty meals for a large family. To compliment yellow color palette of this kitchen everything from counters to cabinets, walls, paintings and even the wall clock are in varied shades of yellow. Copper bottom saucepans and porcelain storage jars of rustic style kitchen are complimented with horsehair cushioned wooden chairs.

Rustic elegance

Built with stone fused together for a rustic finish, this kitchen is a perfect example of earthy eco-friendly construction with minimal use of plaster and concrete. Wide doors and windows bring in light and cool breeze into the room that is separated into two complementary areas of kitchen and sitout. White cabinets and shelves complement white upholstery of sit-out furniture and mat in white and black. Linoleum kitchen flooring is easy to clean and maintain as it does not stain easily and is common in countryside kitchens.

Cozy space for quick meals

The elegantly arranged country kitchen with wooden cabinets and black granite counter provides a perfect foil for colorful floor with pretty square tiles. To create a breakfast nook the designers have set a small table with traditional tablecloth and wooden chairs. Mediterranean style flared lighting fixture and spacious cooking area are some of the features that make these designs so popular in Indian residential architecture.

Understated elegance

Built with only two color palettes of grey and brown this kitchen is a fine example of Mediterranean simplicity. The wood used in this kitchen to design the cabinets and shelves has not been given any veneer finish or coat of paint but instead has been given just a touch of varnish to enhance the elegance of raw wood. In direct contrast to this dark palette the designers have made the walls light grey and even the kitchen backsplash is in white. Free standing kitchen island is only used for washing and meal preparation so the surface has a solid marble counter with a wash basin.

Spotless elegance

Finding the right balance between utility and usage of space may not be easy but this elegant all white kitchen has managed to that with free flow floor design and work counter facing the wide expanse of open sky and countryside. The black marble outlining the white veneer finish cabinets create a sense of serenity in the area which is enhanced by elegant Mediterranean style chandelier hanging on one end of this small kitchen.


Inspired by wood

Wide roof beams and wooden semicircular counter are the highlights of this designer kitchen created by the house of Pfister Mobelwerkstatte GDBR. The main kitchen section is built on slightly higher level than rest of the kitchen area and there is a pretty rim of light dividing both levels. The counter has granite topping in the cooking area that extends to the sink which is also made of granite. Brick walls and limestone flooring adds a rustic charm to this kitchen that also has a pretty wooden island beside the refrigerator.

Modern Mediterranean kitchen

Lack of space in urban cities has forced people to abandon traditional large kitchens with brick ovens and large vessels. This modern kitchen with all white cabinets and steel cutlery could fit into any Indian home without any major changes to base layout. While cooking utensils and cutlery can be stored in the generous storage space provided by the modular cabinets they can also be washed in the large sink. Instead of creating a kitchen island the designers have arranged a dining table for family members created from wood with six chairs. High back chairs with rattan weaving in the seat have been left unpainted to enhance the feel of rustic charm and compliment wooden table.

Serene cooking space

Mediterranean Style Rencraft Cocinas de estilo mediterráneo Madera Azul

Mediterranean Style


The elegant design of this open floor kitchen is truly Mediterranean with sea blue color palette of cabinets and drawers. Light grey granite counters on both the cooking area and kitchen island complement each other. For regular use pots and pans there is a steel grille with hooks to hang them up above the kitchen counter. The wide kitchen is placed perfectly between the dining area and kitchen garden so meals can be quickly set up. If any essential herbs are missing cook can easily pick them off from the garden.

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