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The timeless house you'll want to live in forever

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Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de TAMAI ATELIER Moderno
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Today on homify, we explore a modern family dwelling built in a relaxed Japanese suburb. The house, designed by Tokyo-based TAMAI ATELIER, exudes an atmosphere of calm and has a spacious garden. Many ideas, materials and designs have been woven together to create a home that the owners will enjoy for a long, long time – if not forever! Let's take a closer look and gather some inspiration…

Large garden and facade with decking

Built in an idyllic location surrounded by rice paddies, the home's terrace connects the spacious garden with a serene interior space. Notice where the roofs, of slightly differing heights, overlap.

Wide entrance pouch

The entrance approach and porch are blessed with plenty of space. Just outside the residence, there's a small seating area equipped with cute benches. The protruding roof means the door can be kept safely open on both humid, rainy days, and during periods of hot sun. The outer wall is unified with a gentle beige colour, which blends in well with the surroundings in all seasons.

An open entrance way

Inside, different elements using various wooden materials greet visitors as they enter. These natural products create a calm space with a grand-looking polished flooring. A large window is present, making the area bright and welcoming. The simple bench is very convenient for taking off and putting on shoes, as well as dropping the shopping. The built-in wooden storage on the left exudes an atmosphere of elegance. Lighting is in spots along the entire hallway, which will look wonderful at night. 

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Cool interior with mixed design

The living and dining areas are merged together. Is that a kitchen on your right? As this is a Japanese house with a modern atmosphere, it is fashionable to combine glass tables and black leather chairs. In the courtyard there are trees with beautiful green leaves, to always incorporate the natural world. Lighting is plentiful thanks to the large window, which also creates a sense of depth and space.

Fashionable wooden stove

The stylish living room, with a wooden stove and chimney reaching through the ceiling, becomes a feature in itself. You may wish to consult an interior architect when thinking of incorporating such a feature into your own house.

A simple terrace around the home

This terrace acts as a border around the house, and one can fully enjoy the large garden and the excellent wood finish. It is a pleasant external space in harmony with the trees and grass.

How to divide space

Is this a study corner or a stylish feature wall? Partitioning both rooms by this half-height, standing wall makes it both! In this house, spotlights mark out the space reserved for studying. The area is also bordered by carefully-placed furniture items.

A comfortable and timeless house

This one-storey house has an innate sense of stability. The impressive terrace gives added space to relax outside and absorb the greenery all around. This house mixes natural materials and well-designed furniture to create timeless decor in a thoroughly charming way.

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