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The Tropical Paradise House

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You will be forgiven for thinking that we’re viewing a tropical holiday resort judging from these photographs; however, it is a private villa located in Nova Lima, Brazil.

Today on homify 360°, we discover a sultry structure born from the creative minds of architect Marcelo Montoro and interior designer Patricia Salles. Teaming up with their brilliant ideas resulted in a gigantic mansion, which sports eight bedrooms (with en-suite bathrooms), two pools, fantastic outdoor facilities, a spa, two kitchens, as well as a home theatre. 

Forget about the saying ‘less is more’ – today we opt for bigger and more luxurious, with a fabulous new surprise behind every stylish corner. 

Let’s take some time off to relax in style with this tropical paradise!

One fabulous façade

A huge, lush piece of landscaped beauty, with green grass and dense flora, serve as the perfect setting. Here is where we locate this wondrous residence with its gigantic windows (they are merely hidden behind wooden blinds at the moment for some privacy).

Warm and natural colours envelop the modern structure – we feel that we want to enter and relax, and we haven’t even seen the inside yet! The straight, linear designs add a contemporary look to this colonial structure, and definitely impress with a unique style.

Wood and stone

A satisfying mix of wood and stone leads us to the main entrance. Rough and natural meets smooth and elegant – a pristine first impression, indeed. 

A uniquely carved wooden bank serves as the exterior furnishings, its smooth surface beautifully contrasting against the coarse stone background. A gigantic front door to go with a gigantic house seems fit, and this handle-less swivel beauty is just the first of many surprises. Let’s discover some more…

A natural interior

Entering a house is supposed to limit the surrounding space – yet the views just continue on and one the second we set foot inside. 

The rich and natural colours of the exterior welcome us on the inside. We are surrounded by noble brown tones, a harmonious blend of modern style, with rustic and natural elements – it’s like we’ve discovered a stylishly constructed tropical oasis. 

The interior landscaping adds a refreshingly green tone to the wooden interior, making beautiful use of this spacious villa.

Sufficient space for dining

A dining space fit for a family reunion – big and spacious, with a high ceiling that extends the environment even further. A dining table with sufficient seating for 18 people ensures that everybody’s invited to dinner. 

An ultra modern kitchen space, with its stainless steel smile, can be found just behind the dining area , with all the necessary appliances (and room) to ensure that even toasting some bread will be done in style. 

Here is where we start to see the glass elements increase (the table, the windows), combining wonderfully with the wooden structure.

Kitchen number 2

The second kitchen leaves the stainless steel behind and goes for a design decked out in wood and some colourful mosaic tiles.

Definitely more informal and homey than the first cooking space, here is where we find a rustic colonial style awaiting the guests. Two stone ovens are ripe and ready to start preparing culinary treats. The giant wooden table does double-duty as an island and dining space. Colourful pots, pans and lids adorn the walls and add a visual delicacy to this second kitchen.

Lounging in style

This villa presents more than its fair share of living and lounging spaces, not the least of which is this television room. 

A lush leather sofa and comfy chairs tastefully invite us for a movie night with friends and family. The earthy, rich colour scheme takes a slightly darker turn here by adding some darker browns – yet, the fabulous mix of modern elements, rustic decor and cosy atmosphere still presents that holiday vibe that greeted us on the lawn outside.

Where nature calls

A glamorous oasis serves as the bathroom – and what a wow factor it is! The warm, wooden floor gives it that perfect natural touch, while the large mirror adds even more space to the room. The refined lighting elements ensure a classic ambience, ensuring that every trip to the bathroom will be a stylish one.

And when last did palms and bamboo trees keep you company during bath time? The lush green landscape has seemingly been brought inside, which adds a stunning visual element. 

While we’re on the topic of bathrooms, Soak Up These Fancy Bathroom Ideas!

Indoor swimming pool

No official verdict yet, but this seems to be the most impressive space in the entire house – the indoor swimming pool, which adjoins the dining room. 

Sharing its spacious area with the comfortable living room, the swimming pool beams up a beautiful aquatic coolness into this mostly wooden interior. A generous portion of glass has been added to the room, making it difficult to determine where the interior ends and the outdoor begins (does it really matter in a stylish house such as this?). 

The glass ceiling ensures a twinkling overhead of stars to accompany any night-swimming that is sure to be enjoyed here. 

Let’s not overlook that modern fireplace, running along the entire glass wall and underlying the elegance and comfort that is already an ever-present factor here.

For an outside splash

For those feeling a bit more frisky, the outdoor pool at the back of the villa awaits. That large wooden deck is more than willing to be filled with sunbathers and frolicking friends. 

Notice the fabulous collection of palm trees filling the background, adding pure style to this outdoor swimming space. And with a pool this size, it makes it much easier to imagine we’re lounging on a deserted, yet ultra chic, island.

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