Turn your bedroom into a calming oasis

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Turn your bedroom into a calming oasis

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
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In this day and age, most of our lives are extremely busy! Our schedules are packed with work meetings, conference calls, childcare, and housework. By the time the day is through, we only have a few precious hours left to relax, restore and centre ourselves so that we can do it all again tomorrow with equal vigour. It’s best to embrace all of our daily tasks with a positive attitude, but finding some personal time to get away from it all is crucial to doing so. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your colleagues to put a little effort into your own routine for unwinding. All of this starts with a frame of mind, but perhaps just as important is the setting in which you take time for yourself. One of the most ideal spots for this is in our bedrooms. The bedroom is a secluded spot whose entire purpose is to offer you restorative sleep. Does your bedroom succeed at this? If you find it difficult to take your mind off of your stresses or consistently have a hard time falling asleep, we are here to help! Check out these 8 simple tips for transforming your bedroom into a calming oasis.

Stress reducing colours

Imagine your bedroom as the stage where your relaxation takes place. In order to create the right setting, we must first consider the backdrop. It should be simple so as no to be over stimulating. We would recommend you keep loud pattern wallpaper and bold paint out of the bedroom. Instead, opt for colours that reduce stress and cultivate serenity. We love this bedroom, for instance, because the predominating colour palette consists of neutrals like taupe and white. White will help to enhance the natural light in your bedroom, something that will enhance your overall sense of wellbeing and help you maintain a proper circadian rhythm. If you prefer to bring a little bit of colour to your bedroom, we understand. In this case, keep the scheme centred around cool colours like these muted blue accent pillows.

Front wall design

The front wall works wonderfully in making a statement and helping to add focus to the bedroom by enhancing a bed’s headboard. When considering front wall designs in the bedroom while aiming to add a sense of tranquillity, use natural materials and peaceful colour tones. This bedroom by Aleksandr Zhydkov Architect is a lovely example of the way that cool colours and natural materials can work to create a masculine, tranquil space. The blend of natural lighting, ocean blue and crème accents coordinates beautifully against this rustic wooden backdrop. Natural materials like these have a calming effect because their earthiness keeps us grounded. Another easy way to create a front wall design is with the help of adhesive sticker murals, which make for a fun DIY project.

Choose the right lighting

Dormitorios de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Lighting is a crucial element in creating a tranquil space. If the light is too harsh, it will be impossible to relax and can even contribute to health issues like migraines. There are lots of options available today to find the right lighting to fit your unique preferences. Some common ideas for bedroom lighting that work phenomenally in creating a calming ambiance include overhead lights with dimmer switches and a light on the bedside table. A light with a dimmer switch is wonderful for adapting the lighting to the time of day: turn it bright in the morning while you’re getting dressed and dim it down as you unwind from a long day. A good reading lamp might encourage you to read a few pages before bed rather than watch television, another factor that can make it hard to relax in the bedroom. For a creative lighting mechanism, experiment with decorative string lights, which come in many colours and shapes. They add a mystical glow to any room. For example, this room is softened with the addition of this imaginative display of string lights and mirrors.

Curate the light with curtains

Dormitorios de estilo rural de artstyle Rural

In addition the light fixtures you choose for your bedroom, it’s just as important to be selective about the natural light you allow in this space. We at homify are major proponents of natural lighting, it is aesthetically pleasing in any room and offers us significant health benefits like vitamin D. Therefore, it is great to allow your bedroom access to ample amounts of it. Yet, if you are going for a calming look, you don’t want your room to be overexposed. The best option for balancing the levels of natural light in the bedroom is to add some sheer curtains as window treatments. They subdue the light without completely obscuring it. This room looks peaceful and pleasant thanks to the exuberant sunlight. If you find it hard to sleep when the morning light reaches into your bedroom, this is one of the few rare occasions that we would recommend adding an additional layer of curtains for keeping the sunshine out when needed.

Consider a canopy

Engel & Völkers Bodrum Dormitorios de estilo moderno de Engel & Völkers Bodrum Moderno
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Resting at the centre of all bedrooms is the bed itself. It is certainly worth investing in a comfortable mattress because a restful sleep is the backbone to an optimally functional life. Keep the colour tones in the bedding simple and soft. We suggest a bedframe that is in a subdued colour or made with natural materials like this one. If you’d really like to give your bedroom an oasis feel, consider a canopy. It will give you privacy and a sense of separation from the outside world. Additionally, a canopy can be both breezy and luxurious. This canopy creates a more tropical vibe, which can make every evening feel like a mini vacation. The canopy is also a nice alternative to curtains if you’re looking to keep out the sun while you sleep.

Perfect the space with plants

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Dormitorios de estilo mediterráneo de Bloomint design Mediterráneo
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

There are many benefits of adding plants to your bedroom. They can help improve the air quality for a more restful sleep and subsequently deter illness. The presence of plants is associated with creativity, relaxation and improved concentration. The resulting reduction of stress can even help us to heal faster. What’s more is that many plants are inexpensive and low maintenance. Put some plants in a decorative vase or ceramic container to better incorporate them into your room. To increase the natural feel, try adding an eclectic mix of plants to your bedroom like we can see in this bedroom by Bloomint Design. The small plans on the end table complement the neutral colour scheme and the larger ficus makes the room feel more lush and tropical. You can also simply bring some wildflowers into your bedroom from your yard to help your home feel more integrated into its surroundings.

Banish the TV from the bedroom

We touched on this one briefly above, but many psychologists and even Feng Shui experts advise that you ditch the television set in your bedroom. Watching television is a highly stimulating activity that is counterproductive to both relaxation and restful sleep. Instead, try reading a book or journaling. A bedroom that is more conducive to reflection and mediation will have beneficial consequences on your ability to feel calm throughout your day. Plus, electronic devices come with dust and lots of stray chords, making the room feel more cluttered and chaotic. Instead, hang some inspiring or serene in place of the TV. This bedroom takes on a vintage, Parisian flair that wouldn’t be possible with the presence of a television. The entire space feels focused and harmonious, perfect for unwinding and spending quality time with your partner before bedtime.

Experiment with aromatherapy




One of the most profoundly effective relaxation mechanisms is aromatherapy. There are many options for achieving the benefits of aromatherapy at varying levels of intensity. You can try spraying your linens and bedding with aroma spritzers, or you can add scented candles or even plants like lavender to your bedroom. Our favourite way to bring the long lasting benefits of relaxing fragrances is through the use of essential oil diffusers like these ones. You can even purchase the essential oils yourself and choose a decorative glass container that fits your preferences. The use of aromatherapy is also wonderful for soothing babies and young children.

When it comes to making your bedroom into an oasis of tranquillity, be sure to listen to yourself. These tips serve as a great place to start, but only you know which colours, textures, styles, and scents make you feel the most calm. In the end, relaxation in general is really all about listening to yourself. Happy decorating!

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