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Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Architekten Spiekermann Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes
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This masterpiece home located in Rheda, Wienderbruck in Germany has all the additions of a perfectly modern home for the new age family, with advanced features and fixtures that takes every day living to the next level! A residence such as this is minimalist in colour and style with fantastic bright and airy elements, tones and materials used throughout. 

The fantastic contemporary home has an almost eerie feel to it as well with the steeples of the ancient church visible just behind the property. The merger of old and new is clearly present though, with the grey roof tiles of the majestic church and the modern home almost symbiotic… a well thought out and planned idea to make this home blend in with its surroundings and make this modern home that much more accepted and even a little more mysterious and fascinating, adding in some glamour to a special property. 

For a closer look at this modern home designed by Spiekermann Architects, have a look at their professional profile!

Monochrome exterior

This modern home was essentially well planned, laid out and built on 180 square metres of previously vacant land, making this contemporary designer home a pleasant sight to see in the neighbourhood. The home appears to be designed and put together by two stacked cubes to make this flat-roofed inspirational residence almost come alive with simplicity and modernism. 

The simple design and toned down of colour of this stylish modern home is eye-catching and rather pleasing to gaze at and admire. The ground floor is all-white which complements the size of the floor, while the grey upper level of this home adds a touch of stylish simplicity and almost subtle display of taste and class. This modern home makes use of neutral tones and materials such as plaster, Eternit roof tiles and glass throughout the two storey residence. 

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Bright interior

A home may just take minimal colours and an uncluttered approach to achieve perfection, something which is so elegantly displayed in this image of the simple stairway within this home. Again we see the monochrome tones being used in the interior aspect as well, making this home an overall beauty from the inside to the outside. 

This interior perspective of the home is almost effortless in its style, decor aspects and design. The brightness and illumination of the stairway is almost amplified through the all-white walls. Simplicity is therefore key to this modern home.

Open plan living

Creating an open plan approach to modern living spaces makes perfect sense in allowing for socialisation within a home. The living, cooking and eating areas within this simple home space are functional as well, but the open plan living design is not that open either… the spaces are sort of separated through the use of perfectly placed walls and shorter heights, creating an open plan appearance that allows for some privacy as well. 

This generously spacious area remains bright and light-filled, creating a simple decor and atmosphere, while the light tone of the all-white walls are strongly contrasted by the darker hues visible in the dark grey and black furniture, working well for a modern and minimal interior.

Planned space

This planned space is an extension of the open plan living area clearly visible in the previous image. Again we see the use of the walls and shorter heights to create an illusion of a separated living space, but at the same time allowing for privacy and brightness and natural sunlight to become part of this design too. 

The strong contrast here is seen in the darker tone of the hardwood floor, which makes for a comfortable and relaxing TV room or living room area. The wooden flooring is heated as well, making this part of the home perfect during those colder winter days. 

This room also opens up onto the exterior part of the home, making it part of the design concept. For more living room ideas and inspiration from the homify team, have a look at these decorative design solutions!

Precise garden

From this angle we catch a sneak peek at the perfectly designed home during the early hours of the morning, taking in the overall brightness of the sunlight, the surrounding green grass and the natural brightness available to all angle of this modern home. 

We can see a fantastic terrace situated just outside the TV room and living space area that will make a fun extension of the interior space of this modern home, while the well placed glass doors allows for maximisation of sunlight exposure. 

Here we can see the steeples of the church peeping above the home, allowing for a harmonious connection of design between the two century old religious structure and the new home. This takes garden living to the next level!

Fun at dusk

The same angle, but at dusk gives a completely different view of this magnificently bright and airy home. Allowing for the brightness of the interior to shine and creating an illuminated garden effect. The large circular globe shaped lights in the garden, further brighten up this home space, making it even more amazing and eye-catching. 

The neutral tones used throughout the decor and design of this modern home makes the illumination at the early evening that much more special. Creating a functional exterior space that contrasts with the day perspective of the home quite marvelously!

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