Three Japanese houses that have been revived!

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Three Japanese houses that have been revived!

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The traditional Japanese house is in decline. Changing tastes, new building technology and fast-paced lifestyles mean that many home owners in Japan are looking for something a little more update – something that is paralleled in Malaysia, too.

However, many Japanese residents are very concerned with preserving their tradition, culture and homes. Restoration and preservation of these old properties is becoming big news. Let's check out three old Japanese houses that have been given a new lease of life thanks to the efforts of some very talented professionals. Which one is your favourite?

1. Before – a hundred years of history

This home was built in the eastern part of the Tochiqi prefecture and is over 100 years old. This home is a very unique part of Japanese history – it was an old shop that was built with typical wood and masonry technologies. Contemporary builders have a hard time replicating this style, and renovating a property like this isn't easy. Let's see how they saved it!

After – the memory lives on

The architects converted this old shop into a stylish and modern house! STUDIO POH took traditional elements and worked them into a contemporary and stylish design. They made the house more hard-wearing and earthquake resistant – a very important quality in volatile Japan!

The builders used superb new technology to augment and build upon the original structure without stripping away any of its character. The large home has plenty of space and places to store belongings. It's comfortable, classy, and has a huge kitchen – what more could a modern home owner ask for?

2. Before – Edo period

This house was built in the late Edo period in Hikone city. It is situated on the only remaining flower street in the city, and is of great historical value. It has been renovated multiple times, and has had some element of western style incorporated into its design. Let's see what it looks like now…

After – a modern town house

The western style has been reborn as a modern Japanese style home. The doorway has been refined, and sturdy windows have been added on the first floor to add security and style. The new design hearkens back to the Edo period, and hands down the cultural history of the area to the next generation without looking old-fashioned or dated. 

3. Before – an old private house

This spacious Edo period house was very grand indeed, but had been allowed to fall into disrepair.  The architects did not want to change the original structure of the house. Instead, they planned to retain the shape, style and garden of the home, while adapting it to suit the modern lifestyle of the family who own it. Let's see how they got on…

After – 100 years on

WOW. Words fail us. This superior home has excellent taste and aesthetic value, without being too fussy or old fashioned. The overall structure of the home has been improved, and extra heat insulation has been added for the colder months. However, the rest of the home has been kept as close to the original design as possible. Modern furniture has been added to bring the space firmly up to date, making this a home that straddles the balance of old and new perfectly. We love it!

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