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A Stylish Spanish Home

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This delightful abode, located in Spain, showcases a simple, modern plan, filled with contemporary style and luxury. The brainchild of Vigo's Castroferro Acquitectos, the home begins with a classic foundation, with white walls and ceilings providing a sense of expanse within a relatively small area, and parquetry floors grounding the space with the warmth of wood.

The furnishings and decoration are what take this house to the next level however, with a range of sophisticated, contemporary pieces on display, often emulating the curved forms of Scandinavian design. Ample storage is included through a series of small yet functional shelving units, while the home manages to combine a stylish dining area, master bedroom, and even a space doubling as an office and children's playroom within its humble walls, accommodating all the needs of a budding family.

This dwelling is a fine example of a classic foundation elevated through stylish decoration. Take a tour below and gain some insight on how take your own abode to new aesthetic heights! 

Stylish living space

Upon entry this home delights in simple style, with its white walls and ceiling providing the perfect backdrop for a range of luxurious, contemporary furnishings. The black leather and wood Scandinavian armchair seen here oozes modern sophistication alongside its two understated, white companions. A short stack of bookshelves flows behinds, housing a raft of colourful titles and decorative objects, while an array of potted plants refresh the space with bursts of nature. 

Through a simple set of French doors on the left hand side of the room a small terrace can be glimpsed, providing a cosy and private space to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Chic dining room

Adjacent to the living room is this lovely, streamlined space for dining. A lengthy, wooden table stands centre stage, anchoring the space in its simple design and deep tone, while the surrounding chairs and overhead lights add a contemporary edge to the room through their black and white finishes. 

Pot plants and artwork decorate the dining room, adding depth of character within the space, while an exposed concrete beam runs along the ceiling, providing a colour contrast against the surrounding white, and contributing a slightly industrial element to the scene.

Space for work and play

Seeking to provide for the whole family, this lovely abode also includes a small space that doubles as an office and children's playroom. The decor within this room is in keeping with that of the remainder of the home, with a simple window providing fresh air and illumination, and the concrete beam running overhead adding a contrast of colour and texture. 

The desk area is minimal and understated, with a range of brightly coloured toys surrounding a series of simple, wooden shelves drawing focus within the room.

Timber trimmed bathroom

The bathroom of the home presents the only departure from the prevailing decor of white, plaster walls and ceilings, with timber slats lining the room, streaming down to the dark grey of a tiled floor. 

The space is minimal and functional, with the pristine white and silver of the sink, toilet and bath denoting a modern design aesthetic, spiced up by a smattering of colourful, family items.

Cosy and comfortable bedroom

The master bedroom of the home is cosy, comfortable and light, with the space benefitting from the inclusion of a large window, providing an abundance of air and illumination. The decoration in this room is minimal, with the bed appearing cushioned and comfortable and surrounded only by a small array of artwork and a contemporary chair. The room's simplicity appears inviting however, proving that modern decoration need not overwhelm in order to provide pleasing surrounds.

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