The Perfect Minimalistic Home

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The Perfect Minimalistic Home

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
Cocinas de estilo moderno de Castroferro Arquitectos Moderno
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Many of us don't have the luxury of living in some of the enormous homes we show you. In fact, many of us live in spaces of just 100 square metres or less. Well today on homify, we're showing you that you're not alone in that, and that even the smallest homes have the ability to transform into something spectacular, given the right interior designer. Today, we're going to take you on a tour of a 70 square metre renovated home in the province of Pontevedra in Vigo, Spain. The home was originally built in 1961, and the homeowners decided to commission Castroferro Arquitechtos to transform the space into a minimalistic paradise. Architects María González Ferro and Jordi Castro Andrade were in charge of this transformation project, refurbishing the old and simultaneously incorporating the new – and what they created will surprise you with its simplicity.

A stylish dining area

Immediately upon entering this small, yet surprisingly spacious home, we are met with a minimalistic interior design that awes and inspires. Every aspect of this cooking and dining area complements the next, as the colour palette chosen draws in the eyes in a continuous transition from dark to light. The striking mixture of light and dark boards of the hardwood floors coordinates with the lighter table colour and even matches with the cement brick wall in the background. Then, as our eyes move beyond the dining area, we are drawn to the kitchen. The natural wooden and concrete aspects of the home blend flawlessly into an all white, clean, and sleek kitchen. This open floor plan design allows the inhabitants of this apartment to combine cooking and eating space for easier socialization, and it also made this particular interior design scheme function on a different level – stylistically. 

A lovely lounge

As we transition from the kitchen area into the next room, we find ourselves in a cosy lounge. The neutrals and earth tone colours of the furniture complement those of the dining area, but clearly distinguishes itself from the other room. As we've mentioned, the architects working on this project designed the apartment with minimalist decor, which gave them the opportunity to show off the stone wall. With only a few pictures and a television in front of it, the stone wall is able to add real character to the apartment. It adds an edginess that most other homes can't compete with.

The large bay window allows a great deal of natural sunlight to shine through, illuminating the lounge as it bounces off of the light coloured walls and furniture, adding even more dimension to the space.

A classy bathroom

Moving to the other rooms of the apartment, we find ourselves exploring the bed and bath areas. The bathroom was built with a modern, glass encased shower with a removable shower head. The cast iron sink is a real treat in this room. Not only are cast iron sinks on the up and up in the interior design world due to their chic appearance, they're also wonderful for those of us that don't seem to know how to keep the bathroom counter dry and free of water. The large, raised rim of the sink makes it virtually impossible for water to splash over the edges.

Additionally, the front of the counter has been modified to include a built-in towel rack. This position is perfect – having it just under the counter makes for easy hand drying and also keeps unnecessary items off of the counter and walls.

Moving forward

One of the first things we notice about the bathroom is that it is directly next to the bedroom – just a stone's throw away. With thick walls separating the bedroom from the bathroom, no sounds are mingled. The classy white interior continues in this area of the house, giving the bathroom a luxuriously clean feel. 

In the hall leading to the bedroom, we can see rows upon rows of closet space. One of the best ways to keep up with the minimalistic style is to have good storage options, and this apartment certainly isn't lacking in that respect. All clothing articles, shoes, jackets, and whatever else you can think of will fit into these large closets, keeping the room free of unnecessary clutter.

The reappearance of stone

As we enter the bedroom, we're reminded of the chic and edgy stone wall from the lounge area. Not only does the stone wall exude that unique style, it's also very calming. The light brown earth tone together with the timber furniture and the white walls and bed set create a serene atmosphere and echo minimalist style perfectly. The minimalist mantra is less is more, which is the perfect style choice for the bedroom. After all, who wants to come home after a long day to a bedroom jam packed with nick-knacks that clutter and disturb the vibe? Minimalist style means a relaxed atmosphere.

The office at the end of the hall

Our final stop on the tour of this quaint and stylish home is the office. Again, even before entering the office, we notice that the walls have even more closet and storage space. The office itself is the most minimal of all the areas we've seen so far. Housing only a small table and two small chairs, this home office was clearly not designed for the big at home business man. On the contrary, this office space is just big enough for small projects and perhaps a quiet read.

The simplicity of this interior, along with the recurring white walls and ceilings, make us forget we're in an apartment that is only comprised of 70 square metres. The lights are fluorescent, giving off a brighter glow while also saving on energy costs. Due to the white nature of the apartment, light distribution is no problem. 

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