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18 small bathrooms with many ideas to inspire you

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We can’t always have large bathrooms, but small ones can be charming, and they can fulfill the role of a big bathroom. However, what do you do to get the most out of the small area? The answer is simple. Be inspired by these professionally-designed bathrooms. They are all small but they have big ideas.

Shall we get to know them better?

1. A bath with each element accurately measured

The key to designing a small bathroom is to measure before installing anything. Determine the exact dimensions needed for comfortably using the toilet, the shower and the sink. It’s this precision that we see in this first bathroom. There is no waste of space, and it doesn’t give the impression of being uncomfortable because it is narrow.

2. A small bathroom shouldn’t force you to say goodbye to the tub

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A tub is an idea that we immediately think would make a small bathroom look cramped. However, that isn’t necessarily true. Everything can fit in if you know how to arrange it, and the above design corroborates this.

3. The fabulous effect of neutral colours

White and shades of gray in geometric shapes make this bath quite distinctive. Notice how the clarity of colors makes the room look no smaller than it really is? Only if we measured, would we detect its tiny dimensions.

4. The key to using wallpaper

Is it possible to use colors and prints in small bathrooms? Indeed, it is, so long as it is done as shown in this room – homogeneously and with tones that match the furniture so that the atmosphere looks synergistic and not fragmented.

5. Venetian tiles, white and mirrors

Using white paint in a narrow bath is a great alternative to make it look bigger. The reflection of a large mirror helps to increase the sense of space. To provide relief from the monotony of the white, a wall in the background is covered with fine Venetian tiles. It sounds like a cool idea, don’t you think? All we did was to describe this fabulous bathroom.

6. Exploring the top

In such a small space, the toilet and sink are quite close to each other. What do you do to gain space between them? Copy the above idea! Pay attention to the top of the toilet. A couple of shelves, some accessories and space for accommodating essential items, and it’s ready!

7. Industrial style bathroom

This image shows that industrial style can also be an alternative for small bathrooms. The crucial point for making a small room denote spaciousness is to give up furniture and storage spaces.

8. Stylish spaces

Take note! You do not have to give up on style while decorating your bathroom just because it is too small. Here’s proof!

9. White and patterned tiles

Once again white looks perfect in a small bathroom. In this case, on the patterned tile on the floor and a plain white on the wall. Everything is designed to make the space seem broader, but it still has something unique in its decor.

10. The room has black!

Do you think that black in a small space is very risky or even the wrong choice? Let us show you how contrasting it with white creates a beautiful design. Look at this picture!

11. Art

Let's look at this bathroom. A work of art completely transforms what was a simple narrow bath. Don’t you agree? Then, say yes to using art even in a small bathroom.

12. The modern touch works well

It is easy to admire this  bathroom that is small but modern and relaxed, all thanks to the presence of black, geometric shapes and a touch of yellow to bring joy to the environment. After viewing all these elements, smallness becomes secondary.

13. Simplicity with some tricks

In this bathroom, the space is quite small if you measure it, but at first glance it seems broad. Why? Simplicity is the secret. Everything is white, and there are only a few details such as the wood in the siding.

15. Taking advantage of spaces

Here, decorative tiles give a unique charm, and when accompanied by a tiny sink, the smallness of the room is almost unnoticeable.

16. Wood and soft colour

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design Erika Winters® Design Baños de estilo ecléctico
Erika Winters® Design

Choapan Decor by Erika Winters®Design

Erika Winters® Design

17. Contact with nature

18. A bit of luxury

In this last bath, the interesting wall covering, combined with the material of the washbasin, generates a sophisticated and interesting atmosphere, to such an extent that we forget to question the dimensions of the small room.

See more pictures of stunning small bathrooms in this ideabook.

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