The perfect home background to nail that Skype interview

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The perfect home background to nail that Skype interview

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With internet and technology gleaming around in the everyday chores, the world has become a small place! Today people are no more kilometers away, but just a click away. One such example that brings us closer is Video calling. Nowadays, a skype interview has become more efficient and time saving over long distance communication. Instead of travelling to different places for interviews, a majority of organizations and people today are preferring to conduct Skype Interviews right from where they are. If you want to nail it right, the first time, it is 70% of your knowledge and communication that will help and a 30% of how well you manage to let it go. Hence, it has become all the more significant to keep various things in mind such as dressing up, background, lights, webcam etc. Though we can't help you with the interview related questions but with this ideabook, we are definitely going to help you create that perfect home background so that you are carefree and can face the examiner with confidence and soar high in your career prospects.

Rid the area of personal items

Keep the area around you clean and discard any personal items in your close surroundings. It is not a good sign to showcase any statues, paintings, flowers or any personal photo frames. If you really want to show anything then keep some light objects such as a simple plant or a small study lamp. Do not keep teddy bears or soft toys in the area nearby. Avoid dark colours and backgrounds behind you. Use simple curtains and optimum lights for clear visibility. There is absolutely no need to showcase any personal information about yourself through various objects. The minimal the furniture, the better. Maintain decency and make the look of your room suitable for a professional Skype interview. On the whole, make your room look decent and simple so as to keep the professional quotient high. 

The beautiful curtains shown in the picture above have been designed by Spengler Decor, professionals from Brazil. They can be contacted for curtains, blinds and shutters.

Find the right wall

To make it appear professional, finding the right wall behind you is of utmost importance. Do not use dark or funny colours on the background behind your back. Try to keep a simple tone of colours and avoid using funny textures or creative artworks on the background wall. A blank or a neutral background is best suited for such interviews. Besides these, cream colours also work the best. White and gray colours are often used by people to keep the appearance  tidy and neat. Pastel colours are also preferred by some people.  Avoid using colours like Red, royal blue and pink. Keep the background simple and decent. Do not use wall textures and wallpapers of scenic beauty or animals. However, you can choose wallpaper designs that co-relate your work or hobby. A simple and neat background results in a long lasting impression and gives you an extra edge over others. 

A cluttered background may distract your audience

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Backgrounds should always be clean and perfect without any unwanted objects. Keep the background free of any clutter or books. Piling of books or newspapers and other paper related stuff should be strictly avoided. Do not keep any shelves, closets, wardrobes in your adjacent places. Kitchen items like crockery and cutlery should also be avoided. Open cabinets and other littered stuff should be laid properly. Coffee mugs or antique pieces of furniture and showpieces should be kept away from the webcam. In order to set the audience's eyes on you, such distractions should be kept away to maintain focus and clarity. In simple words, try to keep minimum objects around you and discard all the other unwanted objects mentioned above.

Be careful with the webcam

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La sala clásica contemporánea

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Keep your webcam at an optimum level such that your face is clearly visible. You can use some books and place your laptop on that pile in order to get the perfect angle of view. Most people keep it low and people don't look good for an angle that comes from beneath their chin. Try different angles of view and place it in level with your eyes. Zoom in and out to position the appearance of your face effectively and precisely. If your webcam doesn't offer you clear picture then it's better to buy another webcam for first impression is the last impression. They are cheap and relatively inexpensive these days. You can attach one on your laptop or monitor screen easily and clip them easily. On the whole, keep the webcam at a level to suit the best appearance of you.

Use plenty of light

Try lighting up your room with sufficient amount of light in order to achieve clear visibility and clarity. The light should come from behind the webcam, so that it falls on you and avoids scattering. Never place a source of light behind your back as it will cause multiple reflections and will produce a blurred  image. These can also lead to scattering of light and thereby interrupt the audience. Instead, you can keep a lamp near your desk in order to light up your face. Keep the entire room consistent with a simple and single coloured light. Avoid multiple lights from different directions. Avoid galore and wash out. Avoid neon colours and especially bright colours like Red, blue, pink, etc. Let there be simplicity and uniformity in the entire room.

Find the right table

You have to select the right table with the appropriate height to suit your body structure. You have to look natural and comfortable. You should not be shaken or moving during the interview session as the audience watches your every single move. Adjust everything to keep yourself stiff and maintain an erect posture. You should be able to stretch your legs if necessary downwards. Keep the table surface clean and tidy without any clutter of dust. Keep yourself comfortable without any distractions around you. A neat office table with minimal accessories would best meet the requirements here.

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