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This is how to have a luxurious home

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Contemporary Classical Villa in Kemer Golf & Country Orkun İndere Interiors Jardines de invierno de estilo clásico
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Lavish and luxurious decor and surroundings is the dream that many people hope to attain. An exuberant yet tasteful way to enrich one's home lies in the details and ornaments that can be included. The end result is of kingly quarters that envelop the onlooker into a world a luxurious comfort. To dream about it is to enjoy it as well. Here are a few inspirations to add wonder to a home.

Modern luxury

Floor to ceiling curtains are a statement that augments any room's lavish feel: that is why these stunning satin curtains cover the space of this living room. The modern touch is present with the stylish arm chair in the center of the room. A sleek beige contemporary sofa has also been included into the living room. In palaces and castles, the main feature they have lies with the grand windows and silk curtains that cover them which is exactly what this room provides.

Lounging in style

The image shown here is perfect for royal lounging. A magnificent dark rose wood is ever-present in this living room and dining room area that are well harmonised with the crisp white of the floor carpet and furniture. Another luxurious element that is contained in this space is the gold adornments present on the feet and around the sofas and dining room set.

Fine garden view

Contemporary Classical Villa in Kemer Golf & Country Orkun İndere Interiors Jardines de invierno de estilo clásico
Orkun İndere Interiors

Contemporary Classical Villa in Kemer Golf & Country

Orkun İndere Interiors

A conservatory should have a place in every home, because it offers a stunning view on the outdoor world and the garden that surrounds it. There's nothing quite like having luncheon in the garden in these sumptuous surroundings. There is some magic happening in this room and it is due to the grand fabric piece that ornate the ceiling of the conservatory room. A dab of contemporary effect is included into this room with the vibrant green chandelier hung above the table. This design has been made possible by Orkun Indere Interiors.

Lavish bathroom

Here is a wonderful example of a lavish bathroom. The warm beige and brown tones present in this bathroom bring a confortable and intimate element to these quarters. Naturally, a chandelier has been added to the mix as well as a stunning silver detailed mirror hanging proudly on the wall. One can bathe peacefully and agreeably in a room such as this one.

Sleeping Beauty's bedroom

Wall ornaments and decorations are what characterise a regal atmosphere. This element has been maintained in this bedroomand the lovely light rose tinted armchair as well as the classic style chandelier hung above the bed worthy of royalty. The bed has been draped with silver embroider sheets that fit marvellously well with its sumptuous surroundings. One can sleep like a king in this beautifully decorated room.

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