11 gross home items you're probably forgetting to clean

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11 gross home items you're probably forgetting to clean

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We all like to think that we're doing a great job of cleaning our homes, but there are a few everyday items that ALL of us forget to tackle, unless we are professional cleaners! We don't want you to fall into the trap of letting some common sense things slide, so have put together a list of must-clean household items that you need to add to your chores list asap! Come with us now and see if you have been neglecting any of these critical things and then grab a cloth and get them sparkling!

1. Kitchen handles.

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Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

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Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

Think about how much you grab those cabinet and drawer handles in your kitchen and you'll realise that they need a daily wipe! Unless you like greasy handles?

2. Toothbrush holders.

Nobody dries their toothbrushes after use, which means that saliva-ridden moisture will be collecting in the bottom of your holder! Give it a rinse every time you clean the bathroom to prevent a bacteria build-up!

3. Computer accessories.

You probably wipe your computer screen regularly, but what about the keyboard and mouse? Your hands are a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt and therefore, you need to clean anything they come into contact with regularly.

4. Table placemats.

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Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport Hare Tableware

Sophie Allport

Whether you have hard placemats or fabric ones, they will always attract food debris, so you need to either wipe or pop them in the washing machine regularly. Nobody wants to eat from a stained placemat!

5. Bannister rails.

If you aren't already polishing your bannister rails, now is the time to start! Your hands naturally gravitate towards them and they will be touched every single day, so why aren't you cleaning them regularly?

6. Lamp switches.

You probably touch your lamp switches at least a couple of times a day, which means that any food, grime or grease on your fingers is being transferred and baked on, as the heat of the lamp will really cook bacteria on there! An antibacterial wipe is the easiest way to tackle this.

7. Sustainable shopping bags.

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An Artful Life

Emotional baggage canvas tote

An Artful Life

If you use cloth tote bags for your big shops, good for you and even better for the environment, but don't forget to pop them in the wash now and then! The chances are, you'll have a few spills or leakages, which will make your bags really smelly and dirty, over time, not to mention unhygienic!

8. Ice cube trays.

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Perfect Stays

Sea House, Porth | Cornwall

Perfect Stays

Have you ever noticed that ice cube trays get a bit pongy? That's because the plastic they are made from absorbs the odours of anything in their vicinity, so when they are empty, pop them in wit the rest of your dishwasher load! Nobody wants a gin and tonic with a garlic-scented ice cube!

9. Wine decanters and water bottles.

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1 Light Decanter Table Lamp – Clear


Anything that is used to store liquid will get a bit smelly, which is why your decanters and water bottles need a regular disinfecting! Just pop them in your dishwasher, as that takes no effort at all!

10. Taps.

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Quooker Design Tap


It's easy to forget that items such as taps, which are vital for cleaning, need to be cleaned themselves, but they really do! Taps, in particular, fall prey to water stains and splashes, so give them some special attention, to keep your rooms looking perfectly clean and sparkling!

11. Cup holders.

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If you live for a cup of hot coffee or tea, you probably have some felt cup holders in your possession, which need cleaning as regularly as your cups! Drink stains can set fairly quickly and always look awful, so give your cup holders a regular rinse!

For more cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever home cleaning tips.

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