Colour psychology and how to use it in your home!

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Colour psychology and how to use it in your home!

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Have you ever heard of colour psychology? We hadn't, until recently, but already had a grasp on the fact that different colours can and do impact on our moods in a variety of ways, so doesn't it makes sense to use these theories when decorating our homes? Interior designers think so, as many of them have been using certain hues in new and exciting ways, in a bid to create cohesive, beautiful homes for their clients!

Whether you need to inject a little optimism into your living room or seek to up the relaxation potential of your bedroom, we have the perfect colour scheme for you, right here, so let's take a look at which colours affect what moods!

1. Dark colours.

Deep and vivid hues, including red, purple, blue and dark greens green have been shown to amplify feelings of gloom and depression, unless used in exactly the right way! When used in pertinent locations, as attractive accent hues, they actually increase the feeling of cosiness and security, which helps to dispel the myth that you can't use dark colours in small spaces!

2. Bright colours.

Bright colours are terrific for you home as they not only invoke a sense of fresh spaciousness, they also have a friendly and happy ambience about them! Vibrant shades of natural colours, such as green, blue, yellow and orange have been proven to improve communication and revitalisation, which is why they are so good for bathrooms and dining spaces!

3. Warm colours.

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Orange and yellow shades have a natural ability to raise the perceived temperature of any room and leave it feeling warm, snug and inviting. More than that though, these colours also encourage activity and productivity, which is why they are so good for kitchens and home offices, but should be avoided in spaces that are designed to offer recuperation, such as bedrooms.

4. Cold colours.

We don't think you'll be surprised to learn that cooler shades, such as ice blue or pale green, have a naturally calming effect, but you might not have connected the dots yet and used them in rooms like boudoirs and bathrooms, which require a certain level of relaxation! You won't believe how refreshed you'll feel, waking up in a pale blue bedroom… trust us!

For even more colour inspiration, tale a look at this Ideabook: Colour Choices For The Tiny Kitchen.

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