6 wonderful ideas for your garden

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6 wonderful ideas for your garden

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When you have a garden, it’s important to decorate it with the right elements, just like you would do to your home’s interiors. Among the things that help to make a landscaped garden look more beautiful are barbeques, wooden tables, fountains and other features that make the space more charming and functional so that you use it more often. Irrespective of the size of your garden, at homify, we present to you some inspiring ideas on the various accessories you can include in your garden to make it look more elegant.

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1. A small oven

Besides adding a charming rustic decorative feature that contributes to the aesthetic elegance of your garden or patio, a brick oven brings warmth and functionality. It enables you to get away from the kitchen and cook in the outdoors when you are entertaining guests.  Whether it’s for tandoor dishes or pizzas, you can use it whenever you want, and the rest of the time, it will serve as a stylish accessory in your garden.

2. A pond

Usually, you need a large garden for a pond. However, you can recreate a smaller version with some innovative design concepts. For instance, you can include miniature decorative bowls filled with water, like you see here. Take care to choose a colour that is compatible with the rest of the landscape in your garden.

3. Corner seating areas

While designing your garden, you could use stone to turn a corner into a lovely seating area where you can relax and enjoy the views of the surroundings. Building the seat with stone doesn’t take away from the integrity of the natural look of the space. You can use colourful cushions to decorate the seat and introduce an eye-catching and cheerful visual.

4. Portable barbeque

To bring more style to the lawn area of your garden, you can decorate it with portable barbeques, especially more elegant designs, like the one you see in this picture. The advantage of a portable model is that you can store it when you don’t need it. Additionally, this type of barbeque can be accommodated even in very small gardens.

5. Elegant fountains

Your garden will look more elegant with decorative fountains. If you have a large garden that has space for a big fountain, then a medieval concept such as the one in this image can work wonders in the space. For a smaller garden, you can find table top versions that work wonderfully.

6. Wooden tables

When you design your garden, include an old wooden table to add a rustic decorative feature to the space. Place it either in the centre or on the edge of the garden, as seen in the picture, to make it a highlight of the space. Combine it with potted plants and colourful table linen or cushions to enhance the overall sophistication of your garden.   

Did you like these ideas? We also have some tips on how you can make a small garden look spectacular and functional. All it takes is some clever solutions.

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