10 organization tips to follow before hitting the bed

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10 organization tips to follow before hitting the bed

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Staying organized at all times can make your home a neat, tidy and comfortable place. It can save you a lot of time in cleaning and make your life easier as well. While some people like to simply take a shower and hit the bed when they reach home after a hard day’s work, others put in some time to organise everyday things, so that they can start off a new day with ease. And these simple habits of cleaning up and putting things in their right place can make a huge difference. This way, you won’t have to devote an entire weekend on cleaning and organising. Instead, you will be able to enjoy weekends by going out or sleeping in without having to worry about dusting and arranging things. Check out these tips to get inspired.

1. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in your sink

Not only do dirty dishes make your kitchen smelly, but they also waste your time the next morning when you are rushing to your office. By cleaning them up at night, you will get to enjoy a refreshing breakfast next morning easily.

2. Tidy up your living room

Fluffing the cushions, clearing up the coffee table, keeping all objects in their right place and keeping shelves neat can go a long way in making a living room attractive. Take a cue from this Scandinavian style living room designed by the architects at Ark Studio.

3. Eat healthy and smart

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If you have rich gravies or heavy rice dishes at night, you will naturally have to scrub pots and pans for a long time. It is rather a better idea to eat light and healthy, like fruits, and throw away seeds and peels easily. This way, you will hardly take any time to clean dishes.

4. Don’t clutter your floor

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No one wants to step on sharp or slippery objects while walking to the bathroom the next morning. It might cause accidents or hurt you. So, make sure you bring home some storage bins, boxes and baskets to put away all objects that litter the floor. This holds especially true if you have a child with their toys on the floor every day.

5. Smarten up your home office

A neat and organised home office can make your life so much easier if you work from home. Get sleek furniture, sensible drawers and bins and have a filing system in place to get started.

6. Pay attention to the laundry

Dirty laundry that piles up over the week to be cleaned on weekends is a huge turn off. Put your dirty clothes in the washer on a regular basis so that you have less work to do on weekends. Before going to sleep at night, check the machine to see if any clothes are left behind. Make sure you hang all washed clothes on the drying rack to have them ready the next day.

7. Dirty clothes shouldn’t lie around

Make sure you have a separate bin for dirty laundry in your bathroom or bedroom. This way, dirty clothes won’t stink up your home.

8. Keep a tab on tasks

Since life is fast these days, you either need post-its, calendar or a blackboard to make notes of appointments, household tasks and visits. Make sure these are kept in a place that is easily visible, so that you don’t forget important things to do.

9. Keep your wardrobe organised

Your wardrobe is the place to store clothes, bags and other accessories. These things shouldn’t lie around on chairs, tables or some corner of the house. Introduce hangers and drawer dividers to make the most of your wardrobe.

10. Avoid technology before sleeping

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Spending hours on the TV, mobile phone or laptop before bedtime will only make you tired and groggy the next morning. Avoid these, right before hitting the bed, so that you get ample and restful sleep.

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