20 ideas for garden fountains in your home

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20 ideas for garden fountains in your home

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
Jardines de estilo tropical de Agua Viva Lagos e Paisagismo Tropical
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The garden is home to one too many designs which are unique in their own special ways. When it comes to the garden, just about anything simply won't do. A careful selection of elements is of the essence to avoid a cluttered garden. Having said that, the stark contrast of an empty one wouldn't be doing justice to your home. 

One way to make your garden come alive, is with the help of garden fountains which are not only exceptionally fun to have around, but also integral in upping the style quotient of the garden. Here are 20 designs for you!

1. A garden with a fall

Make a waterfall right in the comfort of your backyard which is met at the bottom by white pebbles. Surround this space with plants and flowers of your choice. 

2. The right wall

This wall with intricate grooves running along it's surface makes for an attractive display. A bed of pebbles lies at its feet to recycle the water dripping from it. 

3. The weeping wall

Right above this wall, a fountain springs which runs all the way down to the bottom. Added perpendicular slabs, causes the water to descent in a fashion that is best followed by your eyes. 

4. Metal walled

Stainless Steel Metal Water Feature Jardines de estilo moderno de Unique Landscapes Moderno
Unique Landscapes

Stainless Steel Metal Water Feature

Unique Landscapes

If you don't have a bricked wall in your garden, then you can set up a metallic one. Install a fountain right above it so as to add more texture to the wall. 

5. A pond

A pond is also a great idea to incorporate in the garden. If you like, you could introduce some wildlife to it with fish. Decorate it with some shrubs and bushes, and you are good to go. 

6. How does a garden pool sound?

With a garden pool, there is a lot of room for experimentation. This includes the likes of a fountain atop the pool itself. Who wouldn't like the peace that comes with a nice Sunday afternoon spent in this haven?

7. Bamboo everywhere!

Here comes a bamboo fountain which is a unique design in itself. To add more cooks to this broth, surround the same with bamboo shoots and a pebble flooring. 

8. Masquerading a natural pond

When space and time permits, there are no limits on the feats you can achieve. We're talking about creating your own replica of a natural pond in the comfort of your garden. Keep in mind all the elements that you can capture from a real life scene and go ahead when incorporating them.  

9. A fountain for the welcome!

The entrance of a building often goes unnoticed which is something we would like to change. To gain the attention of onlookers, you could pick out a fountain that's right in front of the facade. 

10. Arty matters

Helen Sinclair Sculpture Jardines de estilo minimalista de Unique Landscapes Minimalista
Unique Landscapes

Helen Sinclair Sculpture

Unique Landscapes

A stationary pool such as this with a sculpture of art to christen it could add a hint of subtle elegance to your backyard. Choose white walls to line it for a picture perfect detail. 

11. Water sprouts within the garden

Detalle de terminación de dunas y fuentes Jardines de estilo moderno de Rubén Couso Moderno Sintético Marrón
Rubén Couso

Detalle de terminación de dunas y fuentes

Rubén Couso

Water sprouts make for an excellent artifact in the garden. For starters, they save you some time when it comes to watering the garden! 

12. The world through a window

A large window could oversee the garden, adding the right frame to the entire garden. Fountains and pebbles on the outside bring life to an otherwise stationary garden. 

13. Zigzag is the way to go

With bamboo shoots you can create an impressive design or pathway for water to flow. You could create an entire board of bamboo with segments for pots and plants to reside. 

14. Engraved within the ground

In a bed of pebbles set out some space to house ponds. This has a very nice look and feel which should not be missed out on at any cost. 

Here are 6 ways to keep things trim and tidy in the backyard. 

15. The bigger picture

With large stones, lighting, and the right plants you can create a lovely entrance to your home. This idea, is much simpler to implement than you think!

16. Yet another garden fountain

Jardines de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

The base of this lovely garden fountain is a natural wood wall covering, which holds a platter from which a fountain springs. Highlight the high points of this design with the right kind of lighting. 

17. The inside story

Within the warmth of your home, make your own little garden, you're escape from the humdrum's of everyday life. You could go all in with regard to the type of plants you choose to house. 

18. Straight from the wall

Rather than having a stream of water running along the wall of the fountain, you can have it shoot out in a fashion similar to that of the image. 

How about garden vegetables as a new part time hobby?

19. Staggered ponds

How about a staggered pond design which rests on wooden beds? With  a lawn to surround this design, relaxing and unwinding on a hot summer afternoon never got better. 

20. Staircase view

A majestic pond which gives way to winding stairs makes for the perfect ending to this post. An added feel of the outdoors is added with the elements selected. 

We leave you with even more garden fountain ideas for you to experiment with. 

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