Must-have interior trends of 2016

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Must-have interior trends of 2016

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
House No. 7 Comedores de estilo rústico de Denizen Works Rústico
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Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to update your interiors. This will help keep things fresh and prevent your look from becoming out dated. It can be difficult to keep up with trends when they change from year to year, however. You could easily drive yourself crazy overhauling each room to insert new trends in the name of staying current. That’s why we believe that you should base the foundation of the style in your interior on your own personal tastes. From there it’s best to identify a handful of trending styles and add an element or two to your interiors. Once you can pin down a few specific things you like about the latest styles, it’s simply a matter of bringing them into your home. Here are 7 interior trends of 2016.

Mix and match

Comedores de estilo industrial de homify Industrial

One trend that is certainly taking off right now in interior design is mixing and matching furniture. At other times in history this look would be viewed as preposterous, but in today’s design scene it represents the ability to further personalise your home. If you think about it, when you purchase furniture for your dining room in set, thousands of other people have the same models in their homes. When you hand select the table and chairs, like we see in this dining room by Beter Stevig Interieurbouw, it gives you the freedom to make the space truly your own. Each chair will have its own story and the look is far more dynamic and relaxed. In fact, we would even say the mix and match furniture look is rather homey. Just be sure to keep a common thread between the chairs or other kinds of furniture. In this example, the common thread is that the chairs are all roughly the same size and some are actually the same model.

Minimal classic

Another budding trend in design is the minimal classic look. In recent years, we’ve seen minimalism take off exponentially. Though it is still all the rage, by this point we can begin to see all the different sub-styles that exist in minimalism. There is the sleek modern minimal interior that features retro furnishings and black accents, for example. Though this look has been popular in the past, we believe that the new minimalism to strive for is minimal classic. Minimal classic is founded on the core principles of simplicity and that less is more, but the items present in this version of minimalism are distinct. Look for rich, opulent materials like marble and dark timber. Including gold details, chandeliers or other sumptuous light fixtures are also common tenets of minimal classic design. Just be sure to remember that one or two pieces of décor is enough.

Nordic style

A Space To Relax In Livings de estilo escandinavo de House Envy Escandinavo
House Envy

A Space To Relax In

House Envy

Nordic interior design has been highly sought after for several decades. Nowadays, the look has been rapidly gaining even more ground than ever before. In recent times we’ve seen Nordic style emulated in places all around the world. Some elements of Scandinavian style include thoughtful yet simple décor, the cultivation of cosiness, and the use of light. One way to add some Nordic aesthetic is to put fur over simple wooden or wire chairs. This adds a simple cosy touch that is unmistakably Scandinavian. Leaving windows bare to allow for sunlight to flood the space or adding lots of candles to the room will also help. Scandinavian colour palettes include lots of white, greys, pale blue, beige and other pastels. Keep storage simple with the use of large shelves.

Cosy white

House No. 7 Comedores de estilo rústico de Denizen Works Rústico
Denizen Works

House No. 7

Denizen Works

You may be thinking that in the midst of the minimal, white aesthetic that is so trendy right now, interiors become cold and sterile. Although this could be the case if we don’t add some personal touches and cheerful details, we are here to tell you that white can actual be a very cosy colour. You can make white spaces cosy with the help of candles and string lights. Additionally, feel free to layer up with soft textiles including furs, wool, and crocheted blankets. Whitewashed timber can also bring a bit of warmth and cosiness to the white interior. Keep furnishings simple and unpretentious, too. This living space feels soft and cosy due to the presence of wooden ceilings, floors, and furniture. Of course, a toasty fire will also help to make your white interiors feel cosier.

Repurposing furniture

 de estilo industrial por A1 Lofts and Extensions, Industrial
A1 Lofts and Extensions

The Old Post Office

A1 Lofts and Extensions

On the topic of furniture, upcycling or repurposing items is very in at the moment. There are countless ways to do so. You could go to a flea market or antique shop and pick up a vintage piece if you don’t have anything worth upcycling in your own home. Giving the piece a new coat of paint or even dismantling it and turning it into something new are options. For instance, you could turn a barn door into a new headboard on a bed to give your bedroom a more rustic look. Alternatively, you could take an old vanity like the one featured here and turn it into a desk. Feel free to preserve the weathered look of the furniture if you find it to be fitting within your interior. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to repurpose. This is a great opportunity to get creative.

Black stainless steel

Black stainless steel is a material kind of material that is on the rise right now. Incorporating black into your home will help you to maintain the sleek modern aesthetic and will give your space an added level of chicness. Black in the kitchen is especially relevant. Going with some black stainless steel appliances add a striking twist on the typical chrome look that is getting a bit drab in the kitchen. As the colour trends for kitchen appliances tend to change every few years, consider black stainless steel if you’re looking to replace your refrigerator or oven. You can keep the other colours in your kitchen the same or change the whole room to a stunning black like we can see in this example. Add some colour accents like these gorgeous red chairs to complete the look.

Two-tone leather Norwegian recliners

As for the furniture, Scandinavian style prevails here as well. Yet we’d like to take a moment to discuss a particular piece that is cropping up more and more often in look books and magazines. We’re talking about the Norwegian recliner. They are striking pieces that can fit in a multitude of interiors. The leather look makes them luxurious and timeless as well. They do well in a minimal apartment with white surrounds like we can see in this sitting room. Alternatively, they can be dressed up in a more formal library surrounded by mahogany and arranged next to a fireplace. We love the two tone Norwegian recliner in particular.

To learn a bit more about Scandinavian style, check out this guide on how to have the modern Scandinavian look at home. Happy decorating!

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