15 small gardens for the stairs and home entrance

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15 small gardens for the stairs and home entrance

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Nowadays, more and more people want a green space inside their home. No matter what size the house is, they want to experience the benefits of calmness and beauty that nature offers.

In your home, you should look for the best place to locate a small garden. The space below the staircase and the entrance area of the house are favourites as they help to decorate the home. In addition, they won’t escape the eyes of anyone who enters the house.

In today's ideabook, we present 15 ideas for a small interior garden, which will look great in these environments.

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1. A garden at the entrance of the house for a spectacular welcome

The decoration of one’s house, should represent one’s tastes and personality, leaving a good impression on those who visit. A nice  garden at the entrance offers a warm welcome as upon crossing the door, everyone will get a pleasant and refreshing surprise.

Get more inspiration for modern entrance designs.

2. The ideal textures for the garden

The Running Wall Residence Casas de LIJO.RENY.architects

The Running Wall Residence


When starting to design the garden, we must consider the characteristics of the style that marks the decoration and architecture of the house. In this image, we see an exquisite combination of stone and wood to achieve an environment that reflects nature.

3. The choice of plants

We must also consider what plants we can use in the space intended for the garden. Remember that the plants need to be healthy, and they require a certain amount of light and space to grow.

Find out about the types of indoor plants to use for a healthy environment in your home.

4. Making the most of every space in the home

In most houses, the space below the staircase is wasted. A great alternative is to use it to set up a beautiful garden. You will come across several inspiring designs, in this ideabook.

5. A few pretty flowerpots

Placing some pots under the stairs is all that you need to have a small garden inside the home. Several sizes of containers, plant styles and colours can be combined with a pebble carpet to achieve a stunning aesthetic.

6. If not below, then at least take advantage of the wall of the staircase

The staircase offers several alternatives to add sensational decoration to the home. If you can’t or don’t want to use the space below the stairs, you can use one of the walls and dedicate the space to a vertical garden, as seen in this design.

7. When the staircase is near the front door

If the design of your home is the same as the one in this image, where the staircase is near the entrance of the house, placing large planters on the steps can create an impressive detail.

8. Greenhouse style

To make the indoor garden more prominent, you can make a kind of greenhouse near the entrance of the house. Observe how in this project, the garden has a significant presence in the space and generates the sensation of having an additional environment?

Get inspired by these rock garden designs for your indoor garden.

9. The style customized to the size

If your staircase is narrow and elongated, integrate a garden with the same characteristics so that both the elements do not clash. What should be sought primarily is harmony in the space.

10. Vertical gardens are also perfect at the entrance

MURO VERDE COMO REMATE VISUAL Pasillos, halls y escaleras minimalistas de Región 4 Arquitectura Minimalista
Región 4 Arquitectura


Región 4 Arquitectura

The great advantage of vertical gardens is that they do not take away much of the physical space of the house. They also add a lot of personality, texture and colour to the walls of the home. Get inspired by this design to create a beautiful entrance for the house.

11. Make it stand out

Depending on the colours and the textures that prevail in the environment, we can make the garden the highlight of the decoration of the entrance of the house. Here, the garden is located against a black stone wall and unpolished stones on the floor, so the vibrant green colour of the plants stands out impressively.

12. Emphasizing the path to the interior

If you have the space and the budget, this is a great idea for the garden at the entrance of the house. On one side, is a glass wall that allows the garden to be integrated into the interior of the house. On the opposite wall, is a vertical garden, with purple flowering plants in the lower part, which creates a path that emphasizes the course towards the interior of the house.

13. Stylish details

la puerta de ingreso Puertas y ventanas modernas de Excelencia en Diseño Moderno
Excelencia en Diseño

la puerta de ingreso

Excelencia en Diseño

If you want to create a refined look in the garden, choose stylish plants, lights and flowers such as the peace lilies you see in this image. These plants are perfect for the interior of the house, as they do not require direct sunlight.

14. A garden that softens the harshness of metal

Stairs can often have cold elements such as metal. By incorporating a small garden in the hollow underneath, the atmosphere will become warmer and more welcoming.

15. All the benefits of nature at home

Having green spaces inside the home, will bring multiple benefits. The air will be purified. It will help to keep the interior cooler, and your mind and body will feel more relaxed. Moreover, your home will also look beautiful, naturally.

If you didn't see a suitable design for your indoor garden, here are some ideas for small gardens that fit anywhere in your house.

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