Important things to consider when buying a new kitchen

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Important things to consider when buying a new kitchen

Chloe Hines Chloe Hines
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Kitchens, eating and dining areas have been the central part of the home for centuries now. Once (and still) an area where most time and labor is spent by homeowners, the kitchen now possesses the powers of modernism where gadgets and smart appliances and utensils can make our lives incredibly easier. However, two things still seem to get in the way – the space we have (or don't have) and the budget.

When purchasing or designing a new kitchen there are considerations and strategy you can think about when planning according to both what your family needs, and how much money you're willing to spend.  You will be amazed at the kitchen options available even on the smallest of budgets! By being selective on everything from drawer mechanics, appliance and an appropriate use of space, you can purchase and recreate a great kitchen in no time that is suitable for long hours of cooking and even longer hours of entertaining!

The space

The first and foremost item to consider when purchasing or redesigning your kitchen is thinking about the amount of space you have to work with!  We chose this example to show you that even in narrow, or cramped quarters, a kitchen can still provide you with all the items you need when planned appropriately!  This kitchen has spanned the worktop the entire length of the wall, giving the homeowner plenty of space to work with, as well as a cute eating area that can sit three of four people!  Even some larger homes don't even offer a space this great!

We always suggest that your first two priorities should be placement of the worktop and the appliances – these are the heart of every kitchen.  Want more counter or worktop space? Consider hidden appliances that are masked by cabinetry or fold back into place.  Also think about smart appliances where more than one mechanism works with just one machine!

If you have plenty of space to work with, go larger with appliances and choose the best quality your budget will afford, as seen here!

The style

The style of your kitchen can depend on everything from your geographical location and your budget, to the location of our home and of course, your individual tastes.  This country/rustic kitchen is wonderful in that it offers easy accessibility to all appliances and utensils, and it also provides a great wooden worktop for cleaning fruits, vegetables and meats. A wooden worktop like seen here is even hygienic enough that you could use it for cheese tastings and platter parties with no issue!

Don't think that with more country, rustic or traditional styles that you lose space or multi-functional items! These kitchens can be just as smart and multifunctional as modern kitchens! There are plenty of mobile kitchens and appliances that are made to fit any taste.  We do suggest that you keep appliances all the same colour and style and when it comes to decorating, think about the worktops, cabinetry, tiles and even the dishes as places and items where you can really express your tastes!

Size of the worktop

The size of your worktop will be one of the most important items when designing your kitchen. No matter how often you cook or prepare meals, a larger worktop space can never hurt – it can even turn your kitchen into a great area for socializing!  This designer utilized basically all of the outer-wall space and the inner-island to create as much worktop for the homeowners as they possible could.

Also think about extending the island into a dining area so you and your guests can have everything you need right at your fingertips! If you have less space to work with, that's ok – consider hygienic worktop options like concrete, bamboo and tiles and think about mobile and versatile worktops that are removable or foldable, so then they're out of the way when you're finished using them!

Mechanical parts: drawers

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Drawers, storage and utensil holders are items that can make you life so much easier! This great pantry is just one of many examples of how strategic storage and mechanical parts can keep you organized, ready to prepare a meal or a great dinner in a moment's notice!

Believe it or not, placing proper storage and drawers in your kitchen will inspire you to buy the right spices, even fruits and vegetables.  We tend to use space if it's there – so if you provide these items for yourself, then you're going to be ready for a healthy and wholesome new life! 

We suggest that you make a list of all your utensils, items and even larger appliances like food processors, mixers, etc; and visualize where you will have enough space for them! Spices, baking items, fresh fruits and vegetables and bread all need proper storage to keep their longevity – so make sure these items are top on your list.  For items you use most (utensil-wise) hang them with hooks in an exposed manner (like seen here!) as they're always easily accessible for you! You can even use great storage and mechanisms as a way to hide appliances – like in this example!

Select right materials (wood or glass?)

When choosing the right materials for your kitchen, homeowners are often debating between three options: wood, glass, or tiles.  We suggest for easy cleanup and low maintenance that you keep tiles on floors and back splashes.  For cooking areas, we suggest wood. It's low maintenance (depending on what kind you choose) and it's incredibly hygienic for cleaning fruits, vegetables and even meats.  It is also sustainable, durable and affordable – so basically, a perfect choice, right?  

If glass is more your style, then think about glass fixtures, and rather than wooden cabinet covers, consider glass ones where all your items are visible and organized!  This will allow both you and guests to know where everything is – and it's a perfect excuse to show off those new dishes you just bought!


Finally, we made it to one of the most important aspects of any kitchen – appliances.  Let's start by thinking about the most important appliances you can have – stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and roaster.  Of course, these can be changed around depending on your individual priorities, etc; This designer has made a great choice in deciding to put all the appliances in the same area of the kitchen, making cooking and baking much easier, rather than having to run around to different areas.  We suggest this for you as well! If you are someone that prefers fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, think about special cooling tanks for these items – they do exist for a special price, but they're well worth it.

We also suggest sticking with stainless steel appliances as they are easiest to clean and are able to perfectly collaborate with a wide array of styles and tastes!

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