A Family Home In Madrid That Will Take You By Surprise!

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A Family Home In Madrid That Will Take You By Surprise!

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes de VALVERDE ARQUITECTOS Moderno
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No city on earth has more life and excitement than Madrid. This golden metropolis is the capital of Spain and home to over three million people. As the third largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin, Madrid is considered an urban agglomeration of politics, science, education, fashion, and art. It should come as no surprise, then, to hear that Madrid is also home to countless architectural wonders.

That is why today on homify, we are going to take you to this breathtaking city to look at a particularly curious and surprising family home that was created and designed by Valverde Arquitectos. As we will soon discover, the façades of this house create rhythm and movement through continuous recesses and projections, which results in a beautiful and interesting composition that surely makes these architects proud. 

Enough talk – let’s begin the tour!

Smooth geometric facade

When looking at the exterior of this home, we can’t help but notice the smooth, clean geometry of the whole structure. The transitions in texture and colour – from the concrete to the differentiating shades of brown tile – create an interesting cubic contrast, and the sleek window installation matches well with the elongated building.

The entrance to the house is characterized by a different kind of wall made from the same patchwork-style material as the part of the structure in the distance. The entrance has great height, showing the gateway to the home and it is distinguished from the rest of the façade with whitewashed walls, which are covered with tiles in shades of cinnamon.

A view from the back

At the rear end of the house, we can see that the expansive yard has a lot to offer. Complete with a large garden and a decent sized pool with an adjoining paved patio, this back yard allows the residents to run around without boundaries, cool off during the hot summer months, and soak in the sun on the patio benches. You can really admire the surrounding landscape from here, as well.

The unusual flat roof of the home is different in comparison to the typical housing structures in this area. Normally, homes here have regular pitched roofs. But thanks to this home’s unique construction, the relationship between different volumes and heights really make this building stand out.

An open and modern living room

More and more architects are designing homes with large windows or glass doors in order to allow the maximum amount of natural light possible, and the architects at Valverde Arquitectos are no exception. As we can see from this image, the sun lights up the room naturally and the space gives off a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. The natural light combined with the incredibly high ceilings creates a grand and open space. 

Although the living room and the dining area share the same space, they are separated by a raised platform, on top of which the living room is located. The living room has been outfitted with a long, L-shaped black leather sofa, which perfectly complements the little rustic accents we see in the area. Bringing us back to modernity, we have the stylish dining room table, which is supported by glass frames instead of the usual four legs.

Sleek kitchen

The kitchen is located in one of the two end blocks. It has large openings that overlook a beautiful garden, which is dominated by olive trees. The style is very modern and very unlike what we have seen in the living room. Where we had rustic accents before, we now have only modern minimalist décor. 

In this room, the dark wooden floors have been replaced by grey ceramic tiles, adding an industrial element. Combine that with black and white tones that characterize the island and the storage unit built into the wall, and you have a completely modern and functional space. The interior designers added a nice touch with the table near the far window. This placement allows friends and family to have an undisturbed view of the yard and garden while enjoying a nice home cooked meal.

From above

The office, which is located on the top floor, has a great view of both the inside and the outside. This is all made possible through the installation of the incredibly large windows. The transparent glass railing not only acts as a safeguard against anything falling to the first floor, but it also acts as a great communicator, allowing the residents to have more visual access to the rest of the home. The space becomes much more pleasant and welcoming with the openness of the home’s design.

The upper floor is located in the main building and dedicated to the office and a bathroom. The sleeping area, however, is located on the first floor of this home, but in a different block than the living area.

Industrialized bathroom

The organization and layout of each block of the home has equipped each room with openings to the outside. This occurs even in the bathroom, where we have a horizontally oriented window that allows sunlight and have natural ventilation inside. The shower area itself is enclosed behind a transparent sheet of glass. That, coupled with the organic looking brown tile, creates an interesting fusion between the modern and rustic interior design schemes.

The industrialized and oxidized coatings, composed of large ceramic tiles in shades of brown, meet the needs of the bathroom, as they are waterproof and at the same time very easy to clean and maintain. This choice in functionality certainly does not mean a sacrifice in aesthetics, and admiring this elegant bathroom is the proof!

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