14 Smart ways to arrange furniture in small living rooms

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14 Smart ways to arrange furniture in small living rooms

Livings de estilo moderno de homify Moderno
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If in your house hunting trips, the size of small living rooms baffles you, then this ideabook is just for you. Believe us; small living room comes with its own advantages. It is welcoming, cosy and above all there is little room to fill up and decorate. Ultimately you will feel that small is a blessing in disguise. The only challenge is arranging all the furniture in this small living room.

Well… not any more. Let’s dive into the ideas here and find out smart ways to arrange furniture in small space. Have a look!

​1. One room many ideas

Every home is designed differently. Small 10X10 square feet living rooms in the same apartment building but belonging to different family are each styled differently. Basically the arrangement of furniture depends upon the focal point you select. Plan your design and style around it. Several different combinations can be created using sofas, chairs, coffee tables, curtains, television unit, side tables or even the partition if you have decided to have one.

​2. All eyes on me

Living room also doubles up as the family room or social area of the home where family gathers to watch television. So if you have selected television as the focal point of the room, arrange the seating so that everyone can get the uninterrupted view of TV.

​3. Let the conversation flow

Livings de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

For the family who loves to chat, let the conversation flow. Arrange the seating in such a way that everyone faces one another while sitting down for family time. Sofas and chairs surrounding a center table is perfect style here.

​4. Striking a right balance

Residential Bungalow Livings de estilo moderno de NA ARCHITECTS Moderno

Residential Bungalow


Create a balance and harmony in the room with right approach. Think what style you want to have in your room and then plan and select the furniture accordingly. For example it will create a harmonious atmosphere if the long sofa is balanced with comfortable chairs. And as far as colour is concerned, its your choice.

5. Kids friendly zone

Livings de estilo ecléctico de homify Ecléctico

If you have kids at home, you can’t expect them to behave like an adult. After all kids will be kids and they should be. Assign an area within the space for kids. There will be a separate zone for them even when they are with you. You can set the kids zone with the selection of furniture and separate it by height and style too.

6. Essential piece of furniture

First and foremost thing before you start the designing your living room is the essential furniture you want to keep. Once you have the clarity, you can conveniently build the style of the room around it.

​7. Big thing first

Livings de estilo escandinavo de homify Escandinavo

It is always a good idea to decide the place for the biggest furniture first. This biggest furniture piece is obviously the sofa. Keep it first and then arrange the rest of the furniture around it.

​8. Hit and trial method

Livings de estilo minimalista de homify Minimalista

Perfection can’t be attained in first attempt. Sit and judge what’s best for everyone. Keep scope for change and improvement open. Usually the furniture is arranged around a focal point which again in modern home is generally TV. But if your family is the one who also love to chat then make the arrangement keeping it in mind. If sofa is facing TV then chairs should face the sofas.

​9. Highlight the focal point

Highlight the focal point and announce it with elan. Place the sofa in front of the focal point so that even the first time guest will know just by the arrangement what the focal point of the living room is. If the focal point is TV build a smart television unit around it so that storage space can be created to keep the small living room organized.

10. Placing the table

Coffee table and side tables form an integral part of the living room. But while placing them, make sure that you keep a sufficient distance between the table and seating arrangements of the room so that you don’t have to move it every time you want to sit there.

​11. Free flow of the traffic

Arrangement of the furniture should be so that it doesn’t block the movement. Even if the living room is arranged keeping conversation in mind, it should be arranged so that while going to the far end of the sofa, you don’t bump with obstructions on the way.

​12. Center-table or the center-point

No matter whatever focal point you choose for your room, the fact is that the center-table of the room usually becomes the center-point and the seating plan revolves around it. Depending on the shape and size of the room, coffee table is usually placed in the center. You can easily change the position of coffee table and restyle your room to bring in some change without changing the furniture.

​13. Size matters

Livings de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Large furniture can’t fit into a small room. Choose the furniture according to the size of the room. You can have a large sofa but then accentuate the rest of the furniture and décor to create a balance in the room. Remember, less is more.

​14. Brighten up the space

Livings de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Dark and gloomy colour and less light can make the small room look smaller. So brighten up the room with right choice of colours and sufficient natural lights. To make the evenings romantic, you can opt for soft lighting.

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