​A fresh look: homify’s green living room ideas

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​A fresh look: homify’s green living room ideas

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We humans have long been programmed to be attracted to the colour green. In primitive times, we searched for green to show us when water was nearby, meaning there wasn’t any danger of starvation. Fortunately, the days of hunting for our food are long gone, but even in modern and more comfortable times, this hard-wired instinct remains. Today, we still continue to associate green with peace, tranquillity and harmony. 

So then, what could be a better choice for your living room’s colour palette? And we place emphasis on living room, as it’s one of the social spaces in your home that’s also used for relaxing, either by yourself (with a good book, a great TV series, a glass of wine… ) or with friends and family.

But seeing as green, like any other colour, is available in a multitude of hues, it can get quite tricky knowing when to bring in which tone. While some hues can be too dark for some people’s living room walls, those same dark greens can be perfect for a scatter cushion or vase. But whether you opt for a fresh forest green or a more playful lime tint, rest assured there’s a look for any green under the sun – hence, our green living room ideas to inspire you.

​1. The symbolism of green

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Before we start talking wall colours and rug hues, let’s first delve into this natural colour. According to colour psychology, green symbolises balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. It’s also the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress – quite the ideal tone to bring into a living room, then! 

But what happens to your body once you come into contact with the colour green? Apparently, your pituitary gland is stimulated. It causes your muscles to become more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels are increased, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels. This aids in smoother muscle contractions, meaning there is physical proof that green is a calming and stress-relieving colour. 

Apart from living rooms, green is also a popular colour for spaces intended to foster creativity and productivity; thus, don’t think twice about decorating with green in home offices and children’s rooms.

​2. Green living room ideas: So many possibilities

Mint Green Living Room Roller Blinds de English Blinds Moderno Textil Ámbar/Dorado
English Blinds

Mint Green Living Room Roller Blinds

English Blinds

What makes green such an easy colour to decorate with? Because, despite the fact that it’s one of the colour wheel’s best-known tints, green can act as a neutral hue as well. 

Try pairing various shades of green with just about any other colour, and you'll find the combination can work beautifully. Sometimes the results will be energetic and contrasting, other times peaceful and welcoming, but it will always be visually pleasing. 

homify hint: Use a very pale green (such as soft pistachio) as an alternative to white. As very light greens can feel both warm and cool, they are ideal for flaunting a neutral look that simultaneously feels inspired by fresh nature.

​3. Green living room ideas: How to add a little green

Gorgeous Feathers Livings de estilo ecléctico de Pixers Ecléctico

Gorgeous Feathers


Has your living room become a wallflower? Perk it up with strategic hints of this vivacious colour.  

• Start with the floor. If you want one big burst of green that will be noticed immediately, choose a rug. It is usually less expensive than other sizable furnishings, plus can be easily moved from room to room. Opt for a style with multiple shades of green so it will better coordinate with the rest of the living room’s pieces.  

• Add numerous accessories. Just a few well-chosen pieces will give you a green fix. And you can add and subtract items depending on how much green you want.  

• Bring in touches of nature. Consider green (or greenish) flowers. Forsythia branches, which bloom yellow before sprouting bright green leaves, can make for a startling addition. Also try Lenten roses, which have soft green flowers and foliage.

homify hint: A regular on Pinterest? Then you probably know about the top green to decorate with in 2018: Sage green, which is neutral, calming and flows nicely with nearly any design style, including the on-trend farmhouse and mid-century modern.

​4. Green living room ideas: How to add a lot of green

Tropical Leaves Livings de estilo colonial de Pixers Colonial

Tropical Leaves


Enveloping your living room in a green, big hug and making the end result look stylish is not that difficult at all.  

• Mix shades. Paint the walls your favourite green, then introduce other tones elsewhere. Remember that your interiors need to portray a sense of harmony, and colour is one of the ways in which that is achieved. If every little decorative element is one hue, the room gets lost. Play off strong greens against mild ones, such as lime paired with olive or forest.  

• When it comes to incorporating patterns, consider scale and motifs. Decorating with multiple patterns isn’t as intimidating as you might think. But remember that the end result needs to be a layered look, not an optical illusion. Thus, combine large-scale prints with small ones, and florals with geometrics to achieve balance.  

• Vary textures. Heavier materials, like velvet, wood and wool, help to ground busy patterns while adding interest and character.  

• And similar to if you’re adding a little green to your living room, bring in a natural touch. How about mosses, in varying hues of green, in clear-glass vases?

But what if you have a really tiny living room? Then you take a look at these 10 great colours to paint your small living room walls.

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