​Working with colour: Yellow living room ideas

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​Working with colour: Yellow living room ideas

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Living Room Livings de estilo moderno de Pixers Moderno
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When it comes to picking out tints for a room’s colour palette, yellow isn’t always one of the first choices – such a pity, really, when one considers its versatility and visual appeal. But despite its wide range of hues and shades, it always manages to include a bit of charm in whichever spaces it’s used. 

But before you dash out and buy buckets of yellow paint, keep in mind that working with this sunny colour can be a bit tricky. Especially when it comes to areas like the living room, where we always want to make a stylish statement without going overboard. After all, there is such a thing as too much colour! 

But don’t be afraid of hitting a brick wall, as these yellow living room ideas of ours are sure to point you in the right direction when it comes to adding a bit of sunshine (or the colour of sunshine, at least) to your socialising space.

1. Yellow living room ideas: A cheery accent hue

Queens Park House Livings de estilo ecléctico de Honeybee Interiors Ecléctico
Honeybee Interiors

Queens Park House

Honeybee Interiors

Want to give yellow a chance to shine without letting it dominate your entire living room? Then an accent piece is the obvious choice.

Your options are quite varied, from pops of yellow splashed across the room in accent décor pieces to an entire focal wall coated in a cheery sunflower (or canary, or banana… ) yellow. 

Don’t forget that you can also add texture to your living room by choosing a unique pattern for that focal wall. 

To start out the easy and subtle way, first add a few scatter cushions in yellow and see how that changes the room.

2. Yellow living room ideas: A warm neutral backdrop

Don’t get us wrong: we love grey, but sometimes one wants a warmer hue in a social space. Here is where yellow can also save the day. And soft shades of yellow are especially welcoming for smaller living rooms that require a cosy, elegant look. 

Combining yellows with soft neutrals like grey and white are quite easy, as neutrals were made to complement additional pops of bright tones. So, instead of opting for yet another beige focal wall (or four walls) in the living room, go for something more visually inviting like a light daffodil yellow.

Who knew that soft yellow could double up as a light neutral background?

3. Yellow living room ideas: Softer shades of sunshine

Retro Livings de estilo moderno de Pixers Moderno



We know that the various tones of yellow can be very versatile, and we are also aware that yellow makes for a stunning neutral backdrop, but now it’s time to combine these two approaches. Just be careful, as this tip is meant for those who absolutely love yellow and don’t shy away from this bright tint. 

From bright bumblebee yellow to more subtle shades of blonde, feel free to use a colour of your choice. And remember that a touch of neon yellow is also ideal for giving the room better definition and bright focal points.

4. Yellow living room ideas: Classic monochrome

Vibrant Yellow Blackout Roller Blinds de English Blinds Moderno Textil Ámbar/Dorado
English Blinds

Vibrant Yellow Blackout Roller Blinds

English Blinds

Want to know which colours are perfect for accentuating yellow? The king and queen of colour contrasting, of course: black and white! 

A dash of yellow becomes even more visually appealing when working with a gorgeous black-and-white living room. But just in case you’re not happy with these two neutrals, feel free to introduce a tint of grey into your palette – it’ll act as a perfect bridge between both colours. 

Just make sure to keep your backdrop as neutral as you possibly can – it’ll allow those yellow additions to really shine.

5. Yellow living room ideas: Blend with the blues

And speaking of colour contrasting, we also love the idea of combining warm yellow with cool blue. Imagine a beach-inspired living room showing off sunshine yellow and ocean-blue turquoise – talk about a nautical theme with a fun twist. 

Combining the vibrant shades of blue with yellow is also a wonderful way of beautifying a Mediterranean-style space, as this is one colour combination that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a tropical look.

6. Yellow living room ideas: Orange and green

Family Living Livings de estilo moderno de homify Moderno

Family Living


Another natural colour to complement your yellow is orange. These two are definitely the most cheerful colours on the colour wheel, ensuring they’re an instant hit for rooms needing a fun and welcoming look. To cut back on the brightness of this combination, use coral instead of bright orange – it’ll allow the yellow to shine through. 

Our other recommendation is green – a perfect organic choice that works elegantly with yellow. In fact, many shades of yellow tend to veer towards green very strongly – why else do you think they’re side by side on the colour wheel?

7. Yellow living room ideas: A golden touch




When thinking about yellow, what’s the first natural material that comes to mind? Ours is gold! And since metallic accents have become quite trendy for interior design, why not let a golden touch make your living room shine? 

But you don’t have to opt for those blindingly bright golden hues, as even restrained touches of gold draw one’s attention easily. Plus, they work with any existing colour scheme under the sun. 

Thus, opt for a few golden pieces in your living room (i.e. floor lamps, hardware for your coffee table or credenza) and enjoy some shining style.

8. Yellow living room ideas: A calming effect

Waves rug in Yellow de Loaf Moderno

Waves rug in Yellow


Sustainability has become the norm in the 21st century, and that includes interior design. And even here yellow manages to find itself a spot in eco-friendly living rooms, but not only as a colour choice. 

Natural fibres and wood that come with a yellowish tinge are abundant – think about options like light-hued bamboo, jute, and wicker that can give your living room a tranquil, soothing ambience.

To complete this relaxed setting, add a restrained use of yellow accents, as well as a nature-inspired theme. 

For those who can’t get enough of soft neutrals, have a look at Working with colour: Grey living room ideas.

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