Facade designs from Hyderabad villas

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It is very important to get the exterior design of homes perfect. There are many reasons for the same. While the more obvious reason is the decorative aspect of it, making sure you have the right shapes and open spaces will ensure a steady inflow of air and natural light. Apart from this, a unique exterior design distinguishes your property from so many others around. The interior designers and decorators of Inside Element, have come up with some cool designs which can be easily replicated in your home.

Grey Splendour

This is a stylish representation of how a home can look from the outside. The designers have used a very balanced approach for the overall design. The exteriors of a home look great and stand out among a number of other man-made structures only when you attempt to use the right colours and layer them well. For instance, here the home features a light blue on some walls of the house and this has been combined with a dark grey to give it that sophisticated and stylish look. Shades of the same colour add interest and distinctive style to this exterior design.

Striking elements

The emphasis here has been on the elevation and the beauty of the same. Also, by ensuring that each level is open to the elements, the designers have made sure that the home stays vibrant, well-lit and airy at the same time. One of the most striking features has to be the fairly large wood panel on the wall. Also, by using large glass panels, the designers have done away with traditional designs for the windows. The repetition of wood on the doors and in the main gate has helped to create a consistent design look.

Strong design

This is a simplistic design that features a taller structure on one side. Assuming that this wall hides the staircase that winds up into the higher levels, you can say that it is quite a charming way to showcase your home. The wood panel on one side has been balanced with an elongated stone structure parallelly. The balcony has been designed to look modest and yet it looks striking as the heavy wood door takes all the attention. Simple glass panels border the wood door giving this space a modern yet rustic look. 

Elegant and subtle style

You can use the dimensions and the shape of the available space to design the home. Here, the elongated space available on the ground floor has been designed as the garage. The balcony that rests above the entrance to the home looks serene and peaceful. It has been highlighted using a deeper shade of brown. Design elements that work alongside and contrasting the base colours make this entrance beautiful and charming.Go through this ideabook for more inspirations – 6 Great Ways to Enjoy Your Balcony Space.

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