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The urban-industrial interiors of perfection

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Chapter 3 Interior Design Livings de estilo industrial
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Founded back in 2017 by Syed Fadhil and his professional team, Chapter 3 Interior Design has been adding a unique touch to Singapore’s (and the world’s) concept of interior design. Specialising in interior design and –decorating, Chapter 3 Interior Design can be seen as a continuation of Chapter ONE Interior Design Pte Ltd (on which Syed Fadhil and his team worked prior) & Chapter TWO Design Pte Ltd

High-style class is always the main mission, which is why the Chapter 3 Interior Design team has become known as a one-stop solution for clients’ renovation- and interior-design needs. And the proof is most certainly in the results, as the firm has even walked away with a collection of industry awards, including Best ID Enterprise Of The Year Awards 2019/2020, Singapore Prestige Class Awards 2020/2021, and Top 50 Interior Design Awards 2020/2021.

Let’s indulge in one of Chapter 3’s most unique projects: a city apartment coated in an exceptional blend of eclectic-urban-industrial style.  

A challenge becomes an opportunity

This project turned out to be the Chapter 3 team’s biggest yet, as they ended up hacking the entire apartment for premium results. And since they had to start their design concept from scratch, that meant an opportunity to try something new and exciting.

And ‘new and exciting’ is exactly what these interiors turned out to be, as evidenced by Chapter 3’s commitment to space and detailing. 

Take this living room, for example, with its delicious blend of geometric shapes and symmetrical designs, not to mention its fantastic take on the industrial / urban interior style. 

An open-plan delight

Adding to the visual splendour is the fact that those shapes, styles and colours are not contained to a single room, for this living room forms part of a spacious open-plan layout which includes, among other things, a cosy little dining corner.

The heart of this home

It's clear these experts were committed to keeping that unique industrial / urban interior style going, for the eclectic-urban-industrial blend also seeps into the kitchen (when last did you witness such an impressive shape for a kitchen island?) without detracting from the space's functionality.

A stunning sleeping spot

Even though those striking shapes continue into the most private room in the entire apartment (the bedroom), the entire look here is admittedly softer and more welcoming. 

Our favourite touch? Those Mediterranean-style tiles coating up the floor, which just adds such a splendid touch of (additional) detail without subtracting from the rest of the room's splendour.

A brilliant little bathroom

Reminding us that one doesn't need hectares of space for sublime style, the cosy bathroom becomes that much more charming and inspiring thanks to its creative touches. Timber-coated walls (whether it's real, wallpaper or painted makes no difference to the stunning appearance), the interplay between sharp lines and circular shapes, etc.

Shall we get lost in a few more rooms before labelling this design project as “impressive and approved”? 

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