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A Leisure Haven in the Middle of Nature!

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Revah Arqs Piscinas de estilo moderno
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Casa en Valle de Bravo by Revah Arqs is a stylish home in stone and wood. Concrete and glass also contribute to the warm, inviting appeal of this charming villa. The colours of nature outside give the interior color palette a striking balance, and accentuate the uniqueness of each building material nicely.  Every effort has been made to harmonise the beautiful exteriors with the abode’s interiors effortlessly. The indoor décor and the outdoor entertainment zones will remind you strongly of a natural retreat, where earthy and rustic touches unite lovingly with contemporary ideas. The spirit of openness runs throughout this house, and the owner’s love for spacious and clutter-free living comes through clearly. So get ready to find out more now!

A refreshing facade

The façade of this stylish home is lavishly welcoming with lush greenery surrounding it, and a gorgeous blue swimming pool in the front. The beautiful trees and natural beauty edging the home on all sides; accentuate the simple, earthy and joyful architecture. White is the colour that dominates the exteriors when the residence is viewed from this angle. The use of stone for a part of the upper storey, is also visible from here.

Colours and textures

Fachada recubierta con piedra Oro Viejo Revah Arqs Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes
Revah Arqs

Fachada recubierta con piedra Oro Viejo

Revah Arqs

Here's a different view of the bold Mexican villa. As you can see, yellow stones dominate this side of the house with its roughly hewn rustic elegance. A portion in white concrete juts out with a hint of quirk, and bright red adorns the portion to the left. The wooden door is an additional warm touch. Overlooking lush green grass, this side of the house, entices with its richness of layers and oodles of visual interest!

The stairway to heaven

Cubo de escaleras Revah Arqs Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes
Revah Arqs

Cubo de escaleras

Revah Arqs

Another striking feature of this home is the staircase. It is visible from the outside through a glass and steel structure built as a part of the home. This structure enhances the grandeur of the pristine white and spiraling staircase; especially with its sleek box-shaped frame. The staircase inside is made of wood, and has beautifully carved steps with simple white banister. The glass coverage blends in the beautiful and lush surroundings with the interiors of the house.

Airy dining joys

Vista del comedor desde la sala de TV Revah Arqs Livings de estilo moderno
Revah Arqs

Vista del comedor desde la sala de TV

Revah Arqs

A ceiling featuring warm wooden beams, and a stone laden wall are the major highlights of this simple but exotic dining area. A large table surrounded by chic white chairs, enjoys the soothing glow of a trio of smart pendant lights in the evenings. And during the day, ample sunlight floods the space through the massive door leading to the outdoors.

A minimalistic and stunning kitchen

Estancia Revah Arqs Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos
Revah Arqs


Revah Arqs

The kitchen in this home has been crafted with attention to details and is spacious enough. The kitchen is well lit during the day with natural light, and in the evenings, pendant and recessed lighting cast a serene glow over the entire area. Rustic wooden beams line the ceiling, while the stone kitchen island works its minimalistic magic along with glossy white cabinets.

Outdoor attraction

Terraza cubierta con pérgola de madera. Revah Arqs Balcones y terrazas modernos
Revah Arqs

Terraza cubierta con pérgola de madera.

Revah Arqs

The beautiful exteriors and the tranquil aura of this home can be best enjoyed from its shaded deck in the backyard. With a setting like this amidst nature and water, conversations flow effortlessly. The area is also perfect for pool parties, weekend parties or a spiritual session. The beautiful wooden pergola is a delightful addition, which can keep the heat at bay during hot months. The dark rattan furniture have been upholstered in vibrant orange for a lively, invigorating appeal. Anyone would finish their day as soon as possible to unwind and relax in this gorgeous nook.

A view that thrills

Vista de la terraza Revah Arqs Piscinas de estilo moderno
Revah Arqs

Vista de la terraza

Revah Arqs

The deck overlooking the crystal clear swimming pool, opens up to beautiful vistas and is one of the most delightful features of this magnificent villa. Just laze around in the relaxed seating area, and you will be able to gaze upon lofty mountains framed by the serene clouds. The lush and unspoilt greenery of the trees, shrubs, and grass will leave you spellbound. Take a dip in the pool to wash away your exhaustion, or take a walk on the grass barefeet, to feel one with nature.

Inspired already by the airy, bright and nature-friendly spaciousness of this Mexican residence? Feel free to imbibe ideas from here for your own project. Here is another home tour to inspire you further - A small home with a big heart!

Fachada con iluminación nocturna modelo Chipiona Casas inHaus Casas inHAUS Casas estilo moderno: ideas, arquitectura e imágenes

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