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Bai Bac Cu Lao Cham

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Love stream Love stream, the meeting place of Cu Lao boys and girls with many romantic and poetic love stories, has made this place more popular in the eyes of tourists than ever. If you do not like, you can use each type with different uses. Da Nang Booking has just provided you with the latest information and images about the Cu Lao Cham Bird Nest Temple

In the familiar meals of people at Bai Lang, there is never a shortage of vegetables boiled forest. This is also the game most chosen by delegations when organizing teambuilding for companies or organizations, groups or associations. Although only on a small scale, the Marine Conservation House contains a full range of cultural relics of Cu Lao Cham Island

These leaves and roots are mixed together to cook into tea with the purpose of solving heat, detox, increase fitness, soothe fatigue, hot summer, prevent colds in winter, even some are handed down to support cancer prevention. Besides, Tan Hiep market also has many unique stalls selling colorful jewelry and souvenirs made from shells, shells and stones. The process is used to reduce the water to reduce the fishy smell, the squid is still in a pale form, so when enjoying, you can still feel the freshness, deliciousness, sweetness of the squid but still see the taste of dried squid

It gathers nearly 20 different types of forest leaf and carries the flavor of herbal medicine, each with a different healing effect. Stone crabs are quite rare, so although the distance from Hoi An to the island is not far, it is still not enough for customers on the mainland. This place preserves all kinds of shells of many different types and sizes, relics, ancient ceramic pots from ancient times and other artifacts

no Suddenly lost her, The boy's heart hurts like salt, keeps the old oath, gets the help of the villagers, the boy who holds back the pain of parting with his two dear mothers is determined to find his wife, swears that he will not return, If exhausted somewhere, then die there. Cu Lao Cham Bai Chong If you see this article, please share it with your family and friends. friends to explore. Anyone who has a lover, has a husband, a wife who is betrayed, or has no luck about a couple in life, just come here and whisper their wish is through bad luck, but if not, can also satisfy your concern for life to run smoothly. cool roof

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