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14 Super wall design ideas

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We all have them, regardless if you live in a tiny home in the city or the largest mansion in the country, all of our shelters share the commonality of having walls. It's in the nature of a human dwelling. But walls have become synonymous with restriction and limits. These may be literally appropriate descriptions, but walls have also come to symbolise restrictions in the figurate sense. How many times have you heard someone say I've hit a wall when referring to an obstacle in any pursuit?

Today, however, we will strive to reclaim walls as spaces of creativity and experimentation. Instead of limitations, these walls represent innovation and alternatives. So, without further ado, we present you with 14 super stunning walls that are sure to change your perception of interior design!

1. Impressive stone

Our next stunning wall is found in an entryway at the side of a staircase. This is the perfect area, by the way, to create a feature wall, since it is relatively unobscured by furniture and can be appreciated at several heights. This feature walls consists of rough stone tiles which create a warm, rustic ensemble. 

2. Depth and the jungle

Frost Leaf homify Paredes y pisos de estilo escandinavo

Frost Leaf


So here is our first design of a spectacular wall. This beautiful wallpaper comes to us from Rebel Walls, who produces such an extensive range of designs that will capture the imagination of anyone This particular design features detailed silver foliage on a black background, and is so detailed, you may feel you could get lost in it. 

3. Mountain view

Next up, we have a large-scale photographic print as backdrop against this wall in the bedroom. As we can see, it creates quite an impressive sight, and there is no doubt that this is mainly due to the high resolution of the image. It just goes to show what can be accomplished with the technology and products available to us today!

4. Living wall

RIBA Roof Terrace, Portland Place Biotecture Balcones y terrazasPlantas y flores

RIBA Roof Terrace, Portland Place


This idea is one that has a great number of perks. A living wall is an exciting and interesting concept that can be executed anywhere inside or outside of your home. It is aesthetically pleasing and has several health benefits. For more on this, take a look at our guide on: The benefits of a living wall

5. Colour explosion

Colour Clouds, Chili homify Paredes y pisosPapeles pintados

Colour Clouds, Chili


Now we have yet another example from Rebel Walls, but it is so striking that we cannot resist. This design is alive with rich and warm colours, looking almost like a watercolour painting applied right on the wall. The little idiosyncrasies like the splattering of paint makes this design look very realistic, and will definitely be a talking point in the home. 

6. Health benefits

No to another type of living wall, in a manner of speaking. Blackboard walls are nothing new and has been on the DIY scene for quite some time. Here, however, the simple addition of planters transforms this wall into an indoor garden. Just imagine having healthy and delicious herbs and plants right where the physical boundaries of your home end, and you don't even have to go outside!

7. Wonderous wood

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles The London Tile Co. Paredes y pisosBaldosas y azulejos
The London Tile Co.

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

The London Tile Co.

What we have here is a collage of natural materials and earthy colours. These wonderful wooden tiles bring a landscape of colour to the room, whilst the constant usage of the same material brings unity in the design. This impressive wall (and floor) is both rustic and modern, ensuring the perfect marriage of styles.

8. Subway tile

White Metro 20x10 Tiles Walls and Floors Ltd Paredes y pisosBaldosas y azulejos
Walls and Floors Ltd

White Metro 20x10 Tiles

Walls and Floors Ltd

On to the bathroom. Here is a subtle, classic, and yet, stunningly beautiful wall. Ceramic or porcelain white tiles in the bathroom is no revelation, but the shape and pattern can make a big difference. Here we can see brick-shaped tiles in the popular subway pattern, which immediately gives the area a metropolitan chick. 

9. Diamond decor

The simple addition of graphics to a painted wall instead of wallpapering the entire area can have just as good result. Here we can see diamond-shaped wall stickers which give the room a contemporary and creative appearance. 

10. Honeycomb tiles

Another bathroom sensation! This time we find not only a unique shape of tile – the honeycomb – but also an alternative arrangement, with the tiling not covering the entire wall, but rather creeping up on it like a wave. This creates a pleasant alternative rhythm throughout the room, and can really be a show-stopper.

11. Endless colours

Escalera - B+H45 HPONCE ARQUITECTOS Pasillos, vestíbulos y escaleras modernos

Escalera – B+H45


Now our next wall really takes the word stunning to the next level. We simply can't see how someone can walk past this wall without being stopped right in their tracks. This design makes used of many different and colourful hydraulically pressed tiles, which fills the space with life and contrast. 

12. Marble effect

White marble effect book match porcelain tile create a stunning back drop to this freestanding bath Porcel-Thin BañosDecoración Porcelana Blanco

White marble effect book match porcelain tile create a stunning back drop to this freestanding bath


You can always opt for classical sophistication, and a great way to do that is with marble. Or at the very least, the imitation thereof. Marble is a widely acknowledged symbol of elegance and luxury, and any nod to this material will certainly provide you with a noteworthy wall. 

13. Ambience

Here we have another photographic print, much like number 2 on our list, but at a much larger scale. This print is actually used as wallpaper, and this allows for the effect to become more profound in the room. The atmosphere portrayed in the pictures envelopes the entire living room, bringing the feeling of the ocean right inside the house. 

14. Feature storage

karel SalasEstanterías

Our last wall idea is a bit different from most of the others, as it is less for decoration and more for practical use. We are sure you'll agree that aesthetics are far from removed in this picture though. This clever wooden shelves provide not only ample storage space, but also a very interesting focal point in the room. 

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