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DIY: how to build your own home (and not break the bank!)

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Building your own home might seem like a gargantuan, impossible task… but you might just be surprised at how easy and achievable it actually is. 

So you’ve always wanted an elegant home that reflects your personality and style, but you are definitely restrained from going overboard as a result of your budget. Well that’s no longer a major problem as many people are opting for a DIY approach to solve their home revamp issues.

Define your budget and go ahead with creating a comfortable home that is not only high quality, but will also add value to your property! This Ideabook is filled with tips and tricks to give your home that makeover you always wanted, but without breaking the bank of course.

High Cost Factor

Building a house is not easy, especially if you have budgetary issues. Everyone would like to live in a designer home, but there are other factors to consider before you begin, such as the construction costs, cost of materials and even the cost of electricity, heating systems and interior décor.

Property cost is one of the main factors. Buying property closer to the city will be substantially more expensive than buying property in an outlying suburb, so consider the best value for money before completing the purchase. Hiring an expert designer is another costly affair, so think about creating the most basic home design with all the necessary amenities and implementing a stylish interior through affordable décor.


Designing a home that is stylish doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact the less complicated the architecture, the easier the construction process will be and therefore the less taxing on your wallet. With the rising increase in minimalist as a design trend, homes are less cluttered in appearance with more flow space being utilised to create a practical design… this is a great way to save on unnecessary cost. 

For example, creating an open plan kitchen, living and dining room area is less expensive as it creates one space for everything, instead of separate rooms. Now think about extra storage solutions in every corner and you should be good to go! This dreamy home has been designed by the team at IDEEAA _ 이데아키텍츠.

Material and Construction

The design aspect of your home is complete, now the material selection for the construction begins. Although it is enticing to consider materials that are affordable, the quality should be just as important as the cost, this can go a long way in creating a home that is well-constructed and may even save you money on repairs.

It may be worthwhile to ask an expert which materials are best for the exterior, interior and even other aspects such as thermal insulation and electrical insulation. Try not to be too cheap in the construction of your home, the last thing you want is a leaking roof after just a few years.

Conservation Strategies

If you have budgetary constraints in your home construction, then you may want to consider building your home gradually. This means that it will be completed over a lengthy period of time, but at least you can plan for your construction.

This gorgeous kitchen would be a good place to begin with for the interior of your home. So even if your bedroom and other living areas of your home have not been completed at least you will have a great place to cook and eat your meals. Think practically and with comfort in mind while considering your budget in the process.


Insulation is of utmost importance regardless of which type of climate you live in. It is therefore worthwhile including thermal insulation into your budget before beginning with the construction of your home. This may mean including insulating materials into your roof or ceiling, which can go a long way to making your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 

This will save you money when it comes to adding an air-conditioning or heating system to your home, which can also be quite expensive. A fireplace in your living room can definitely create a much more comfortable interior, especially on those cold winter nights.


Windows can create a completely different effect on a home and can even go a long way in minimising cost. However, it is important to consider the quality of the glass as well as the correct insulation thereof before considering this as a design concept for your home. 

This is a fantastic way to make your home warmer and more welcoming by filling the space with natural sunlight and a view of the great outdoors. However, if your windows are not insulated correctly, your home will be unbelievably chilly during the colder winter months. In need of: Expert advice to add value to your home? Then this Ideabook might be just for you!

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