8 clever ways to brighten up a windowless bathroom

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8 clever ways to brighten up a windowless bathroom

Kayla Gulec Kayla Gulec
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For those of us who are not able to design and build our own homes – which is just about all of us – finding an affordable home with everything that we want is no easy task. Sometimes even that house with the beautiful lawn and garden has one or two disadvantages, such as a small, windowless bathroom that leaves you in the dark. If you're living in an apartment, a windowless bathroom is almost a given.

So besides installing a window yourself, just what can you do? Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to add character to and brighten up your bathroom space! Keep reading to find out how…

1. Reflection

One of the first things you can do to transform your bathroom is to add a few mirrors. One thing bathrooms are never lacking in is wall space, so the addition of mirrors is possible for any home situation. 

Mirrors allow the light in your bathroom to reflect throughout the room, illuminating the space. Consider adding a collage of mirrors, like the ones you see here, or perhaps a single large mirror. But be mindful–don't place mirrors across from each other, as this will create an infinite reflection and will become distracting.

2. Add plant life

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Certain plants can make excellent ornamentation in any room – even your dark bathroom. For the bathroom, consider adding low-light tolerant plants that are used to thriving on the shadowy forest floor, such as the Peace Lily, Heartleaf Philodendron, or the Boston Fern. 

3. Choose the right lighting

Space shortage is another issue when it comes to darker bathrooms, but as we mentioned before, wall space is abundant. Mounting wall lights in the bathroom–particularly near a mirror–will add practical illumination to your room without taking up unnecessary floor space. 

But you do want to make sure your lighting is mounted in the right spots. Wall sconces should be about eye-level, making the light shine directly onto the face from the side and not from above, which is much more flattering lighting.

4. Add stylistic elements

Adding stylistic elements such as a small stool, chair, or intricate hanging lights brings a ton of character to your windowless bathroom. Low-key and understated furnishings with legs and space below can make any room seem bigger than it actually is.

5. Brighter is better

Adorning your bathroom in a light colour from top to bottom dramatically increases the room's apparent size. Bright white like we see here is perfect for that, as it allows the light from your lamps to bounce through the room. You can even add lustrous tiles to the floor so that the shine also expands the space.

Want to tile but don't know where to start? Browse through our list of professional tilers and find the look that's right for you!

6. A boost of colour

Bright plain colours aren't the only thing you can implement in a bathroom to brighten it up. You can also use wallpaper with bold designs and brilliant hues, like we see here. Wallpaper is eye-catching and it will make anyone forget about that missing window.

Interested in wallpapering your home? Be sure to check out this wallpaper guide to success!   

7. Transparent dividers

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Let's face it, solid walls are no place for a bathroom, even for privacy purposes. Instead of that, consider exploring the wide range of textured glass, vertical blade screens, glass bricks, or metal crush curtains as a substitute for dividers. 

These choices give you a brilliant clean look, allow light to pass through, and even reflect your artificial lighting.

8. Add a few light accessories

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The Old Post Office

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Add some glisten and glow to your bathroom with subtle reflections from stainless steel surfaces, fixtures, or sconces. 

Stainless steel fixings like the bath tub we see here are becoming an increasingly popular home style, and they will definitely add some shine to your dark space. 

These tips can be used on their own, or can be mix and matched together to create the perfect bathroom. Pretty soon, you'll wonder why you were even bothered about that missing window in the first place!

To check out a house with a truly stunning bathroom, visit the country modern home.

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